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you know what happens when you pee on a worm


I have dA prints and things of this --->
plus stuff on my society6

:icondisgustme: :iconcosmosapiens:
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this is v beautiful, v beautiful indeed

but only an idiot would wanna pee on a worm ??
Gintoki Troll Face Plz 
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Sakata Gintoki  (Worship) [V1] 
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holy moles
the head is so pretty
but still not understand this, does it is some kind of figurative phrase?
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thank you korchan!

 its a japanese thing, but im unsure if its a truth or a myth: apparently when boys used to pee on worms (because boys can be gross) a species of worm shoots poison/defensive liquid up the urine stream and makes the penis swollen and sore!
ive been watching Gintama with my bff and it was featured in an episode and its stuck in my head lmfao
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omfg XD
hmm I never heard this kind of worm, but don't doubt can be true
since have a worm like that lives on water that enters the penis and can be real painful >.<
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yeah i've heard about those, in a south asian country i think? like you're not meant to drink or use the waterways or something because worms will enter your system? i dont even know korchan but its scary as fuck lol
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indeed are, I hear this happened like 3 times before, I don't have a pen, but it hurts me to hear of XD
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yes agree lol 
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The shading on her face...BErfection 
great colouring overall mate, as per usual :D
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I give thanjs to the beRfect Dango
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Whoa! Peeing on a worm will make their heads humanized? XD

Anyway, I love the details in this and those white things look like stars. : )
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Guess again ;) but thank you so much ❤💚🧡💙💛💜🖤💗💖
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