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June 14, 2012
Lux Tenebras by ~ViaEstelar
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Lux Tenebras

Oh, Amnesia, you and your characters fried my brain. :D
Pose reference: [link]

Потребовалась неделя жизни, тонны чая (с сахаром!) и много-много песен Ника Кейва...
UPD: Holy god, a DD! :faint:
Thank you for all the faves and comments, people! I'm sorry that I can't answer to each of you personally - there's just a lot of things going on with me in real life right now... I just want you to know that you are amazing, and I'm really grateful for the feedback. :heart:
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maddyporter4639's avatar
Coming back years later, this is still one of my favorite Amnesia pics ^^
Jotunmai's avatar
This is incredibly beautiful! :heart:
NickLeiden's avatar
Zosalot's avatar
Amnesia too! You are incredible!
I think I saw this a long time ago.
RoseBud2010's avatar
SeaCat2401's avatar
Печально красиво. =,) Как увидела, так оторваться не смогла. Потрясающе!
ViolentButcher's avatar
Nice work! I like it how you make it feels so cold and sad :')
PagesofAngels's avatar
Soaringstar99's avatar
He could use a hug. :3
Lexian's avatar
Having a little breakdown, just before he goes through the doors to try and find the shards.
Lexian's avatar
Ketheira's avatar
Just wonderful. Of all amnesia art on Deviant this one it peeerfect. :D
Masteroff's avatar
Опять чуть ли не хочеться плакать потому что аж разрывает.Изысканно и прекрасно.Обожаю! <3
Hasakitsuki's avatar
This is gorgeous... The light, the rose petals falling on Daniel... :wow:
You deserved the DD! :dance:
изумительно, восхитительно
Immura's avatar
Liilis's avatar
I love this picture. It's so full of emotions... Sadness, solitude, fear and ignorance about the future... Simply beautiful, this almost made me cry!
YTSC's avatar
thats so pretty *O* haha i love how amnesia can have pretty moment and also be scary as **** X'D
Yolinanimai's avatar
Wow, I love it, this is amazing!!!
Comedy101's avatar
This is breathtaking.
VirunVIICrest's avatar
Words cannot describe how beautiful this is. It's certainly the *best* fan-art of Amnesia I've ever seen! So much emotion... I love love LOVE this to a million shiny bits.
sweetsnow73's avatar
Oh gosh lovely atmosphere and just everything is so fabulous about this!
Seraphically's avatar
I really wish I could have this as a print.
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