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All hail Emily

I actually screamed when I saw her in the Dishonored 2 trailer.
My baby girl is now all grown up... off to destroy people. :happycry:

Dedicated to my dear fellow artist, :iconshaidis:
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She's a Killer Queen!!!😍
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Why thank you for saying that.
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All hail the queen...
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I was just browsing the news and thought I saw a familiar face... yup, Bethesda can surely recognise a masterpiece ;) Congrats!…
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I know maybe it 's too late to leave comments.
Just want to say this art is perfect and awesome !
Clap Love 
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It's never too late to say something encouraging to the artist :D
Thank you! :hug:
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Well well well, look what we have here. I saw this posted on ifunny and was wondering who the artist was, great work!
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Keep up the wonderful work!
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Awwww nice!!!! i love Dishonored :3 i am happy we can play with emily :)
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Абалдеееть *___* Роковая красотка!
Просто слов нет :wow:
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(умиленно)Они так быстро растут... ;DD
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Дыааааа! :D
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Интересно, что получится. ;)
Wow, your style fits her so well... Your fanart got me into Dishonored, and I'm excited to see what you do for Dishonored 2!

PS, did you see that one of the developers confirmed Emily is Corvo's daughter? I think it was during the E3 speech.
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