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Split iDEA-v0.5b for Windows 7

3:46 PM 10/10/2010

1- New start menu
2- change jumplists colors.
3- fixed few bugs
4- other stuff too...

7:37 PM - 09/10/2010

1- the borders are changed.(squared)
2- also the small border lines in the explorer window/taskbar will support aero, you can change the color on that.
3- added new caption buttons.etc
4- I'll be working on the start menu & progress bars tonight.
support for larger icon buttons(top/buttom) have to be in the middle for better expierence.

Working Progress:
of the task bar then the complete style will come soon...

what do you think.?

any bugs report/post them.
although I'm no were neer done.

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estou baixando, vou tentar instalar e logo venho aqui dizer se for bom!! mais achei muito bonito o visual, obrigado por postar ele...
Y-N-1-F's avatar
Beautiful!!!!!----I love it!:icongrin--plz:
4hellcat's avatar
very looks good :)
witchhunttress's avatar
wow this is grate :D
Brilliant concept, don't give up! I'd pay money for this one ;)
ERRRR Buggerzz, meant to write that in the tabbed theme lol. This is good too though!
SimplexDesignsART's avatar
Beautiful vs! Now I want to redo my edge vs to looks crisp and clean like yours. Nicely done vs.8)
deadmen84's avatar
awesome!! so creative. btw thnx 4 sharing
vi20RickrMetal12us's avatar
thanks man. =) and you are welcome
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I really like the layout you have done all the grey tones you have done flow together quite nicely.
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ok, so i know you can change the size of the text for the clock, because i have a theme that does it, but i noticed that the time overlaps the border, and i think it could be fixed just by making the text smaller.

Just a suggestion.
vi20RickrMetal12us's avatar
well I have thought about it,but you see the thing is that even though you would shrink the text size the clock would still overlap the border. but its something i was going to change by making the text closer to each other.
but yeah. thanks
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oh, It's good that you have a plan for it then.

Hope all is well on fixing it!
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Very nice creation.
Snowyfoxthefox's avatar
I like it but not enough to pass the test.
Maybe unblanden the colors. They look to dull.
Kairoko-Itashi's avatar
Maybe a little too busy in the start menu...
The clock in the taskbar as well.
Other than that, It's a pretty cool theme~
vi20RickrMetal12us's avatar
ok thanks man...appreciate the feedback...but the clock from the original concept will be different if you've seen it=)
Kairoko-Itashi's avatar
ah. ok^^
and NP~ I like giving feedback
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vi20 = opps !! you 2 m8's are getting me all confused !

w0w! another winner out of the hopper - your so amazing m8 - beautiful details - you must have einstein hours like me...haha !!
vi20RickrMetal12us's avatar
thanks man...
but who's "m8"...?
Quaz1957's avatar
vi20 - "m8" = means "mate" abbreviated - comes from australia - it's very commonly used in realtime and im chat - hope this mini-tutorial help m8..haha !
vi20RickrMetal12us's avatar
oh ok cause I'm from the other side of the world man...don't really use "mate" (m8) in my culture...but yes thank you.with this fantastic tutorial...=)
Quaz1957's avatar
vi20 - anytime - where you from anyway ??
vi20RickrMetal12us's avatar
huh...?odd question man...but I'm originally from Mexico but live most of the year in the "USA" Salinas,California just to throw that out their yeah...since i have a double citizenship.but yeah
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