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Pre Black VS for Windows 7

--> ("Pre Black vs ") <--

its seems his account was deactivated-

RE-UPLOAD:i think i may be doing some folks a favor by re-uploading the original package...
as i take 0.01% credit for this vs here it is...

for those who have never tried this vs go ahead cause its amazing...
but also i will start making minor bug-fixes on the theme itsself

with full x32 & x64 environment support.

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I have modified some font colors which you might want to consider for yourself as well. The Window font I made white, active title bar made a light blue, inactive title bar is white, menu text is light blue, message box is white, selected item is white. 

This helps the font to be more visible against a dark backdrop. 
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Awesome theme... took me a while to figure out how to get the blue in, but got it working.
You need to Patch the theme files using the UniversalThemePatcher first (make sure x64 if using 64 bit windows, x32 for 32 bit), then add the PreBlack theme to the Windows Resources Folder.
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Any Win8 port of this theme? :)
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im thinking about will be a while since im working all day
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Amazing theme!!! :clap:
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why doesnt it work for me?
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Have you patched your theme files yes, should be all good
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Kaspersky Internet Security: Trojan Detected!! :/
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False positive only dude it's all good
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not a trojan its just not in there data base...since it makes changes to you're computer it thinks its a problem...just read other comments before this.
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estou fazendo download deste tema, vou testar no meu computador
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I could spend all icons out the image? please :la: :la: :happybounce: :dummy:
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Thank you for the cool theme. I like it. :)
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cool and amazing :D
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I don't know if this is a theme bug or a bug I made by modifying it but if you Right Click the Start Menu and hover over" "Properties" it changes to "Propertie"
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Hi, how do I make all the fonts White using VSB?

I have modded it a little bit. It is AMAZING.
There is a small bug in the taskbar for ultramon showing the icons way too wide instead of the square ones.

Other themes don't cause this, I had a play with Style building trying to compare it to another theme but couldn't find the setting.

Basically it always looks "uncombined" on my second monitor (with ultramon)

Other custom themes don't have this problem, Please fix it, otherwise amazing theme!
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It's... It's beautiful.
Hi How do i Install it?
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Would be nice if all the font was it white the black doesn't look nice... any idea how to change this if I was to?
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with "windows style builder"
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Gonna try this out. For sure, love opaque themes.
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