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(SSPC] I kissed a girl [ENTRY] by Vhilinyar (SSPC] I kissed a girl [ENTRY] by Vhilinyar
My participation for this absolute amazing SSPC : <da:thumb id="713981727">
Bye moongraph 

I hope that's okay ! 

Name: Horizon Sky
Nickname: Sky'ist
Age: ???
S.O: Bi-Sexual
Likes: Sky - Moon - Stars - Animals - Coffee - Night - Fly - Mouse - sing - maybe tree - water - silence
Dislikes: sound - other people - rap - child - sun 
How they met: Sky was walking along a beautiful river, In the azure water, silver stones along the shore, the grass was soft under his hooves and the sun had just set. There is not a sound, except that of the little fireflies. Carps were swimming in circles, slipping under the golden algae. Sitting at the edge of the water, his eyes plunged into the river. she had suddenly risen to the agreement with a footstep not far away. She hid in a bush that was not far and saw a pretty land approach and walk quietly. A little mouse on the shoulder. Surprise, you head for the cute animal. And shoved her without wanting to. You apologize quickly, genius, and quickly try to leave. But the little mouse was so cute. And you wanted to caress her so much.

Mahogany moongraph 
Hozizon Sky me
Original designer kirionek 
base (c) ArtFlicker & MPLbasemaker33 & Silent-Galaxies 
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November 19, 2017
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