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[SSPC ENTRY] I'm always here.. by Vhilinyar [SSPC ENTRY] I'm always here.. by Vhilinyar
Name of your oc: Manîthil (spirit of moon)

How they met Temmi:
Seven is a healer and is used to looking for many plants.
Healer and poisoned, many times she ended up on ponies infected by a strange disease.
So she's looking for something to heal them. But first he had to find the source of this infection.
She traveled through many places following the little information she had found.
She has finally arrived at this strange and dark place. However, she was not afraid to find where it came from, and she had been waiting for that moment for some time now.
This find would help him in his job, and help, if possible, help those affected by the infection with the creation of a cure. It is there that she fell on this little pony with dark fur.
She fixed it for a while, and then noticed the little blue mushrooms that covered her skinny body.
But the state of his body and his loneliness was especially what he had alarmed her, despite the fact that the mushrooms intrigued her, she wondered moreover what kind they were and if it was painful, she promised himself to give her body and her soul to help her. Left to put his own life. Her role is to heal, and that's what she plans to do. And above all, give him back his smile.

Why they fell for Temmi:
Many wonder why, but is there a reason to love someone,
Seven is certain that behind his appearance that is unusual, his heart is as big as the moon.
She is sweet and kind, her character makes her unique. Her vision of things differs from all that Seven had met since she lived.
She has this little something that others do not have.
She likes to hear her singing, especially when she sees the interest that it brings to her plants, they have the same passion.
She wants to discover all these facets, smile, anger, jealousy, and much more. To know everything about her and to discover her.

After they found out that Temmi "kills" everything she touches, what did they do?: 
She always suspected that it could only come from a single plant, and thought that a pony was behind all that. She never blamed him.
She repeats to him that death is a natural thing, and that she does not have to blame herself.
No one can do anything. She tries to give her confidence in herself, and to love herself as she is.
When she approached her the first time, and seeing her shocked expression, Seven realized that no one had survived this approach and that this first time was something the ponette needed.
She sat next to her and then noticed the mushrooms nearby, she then simply said this sentence "It's beautiful, right, really beautiful."

Why are they immune to Temmi's curse?: 
By dint of research on its mushrooms, and raising many poisonous plants,
she got used to the dangerousness of these plants and then develop
by force of time and test with small drop on her and others creatures. 
She has also immersed many of her poisons to test the power and dangerouss an immunity,
Of course, this allowed Seven to not be infected by Temmie.

What are they going to do long-term after they get together with Temmi?: 
She just wants to continue her research on these fungi,
help find a cure for those who are infected. save lives, save Temmie, and make her happy.
And especially love him, never stop being at his side, cherish, adore, show him that in her heart she is the most beautiful princesses.
To offer him a thousand wonders gift, a house.

Contest entry for LullabyPrince 

You can found her -- >…

Manithil me
Temmie Blue LullabyPrince 
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Vhilinyar Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
J'approuve! Mais je n'en avait pas vraiment l'utilité du coup je pense que si je ne gagne pas je vais la vendre xD
(J'ai mes free headshot sketch ouvert si tu veux :))
suzukii-san Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2018  Student General Artist
J'espère que tu vas gagner alors XD
Tu me fais penser d'ailleurs, tu as avancé dans mes commissions ? :B (Et sur skype je t'ai envoyé des messages d'ailleurs, je vais devoir encore te passer des commissions en plus pour des headshot ou des half-body pour la PA de Story *fuit*)
Vhilinyar Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yep j'ai avance sur tout les sketchs, je vais commencer le Line, et j'ai commencé à peu près tout :3
Je te montre tout bientôt !
Et oui je t'aime quand même voyons *roule avec elle*
suzukii-san Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2018  Student General Artist
Okep ! Hâte de voir ça *u*
VOuiiiii *roule vers le soleil couchant* 
Vhilinyar Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks you <3 
RazorSketches Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My pleasure!
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