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Taskbardock - Center Windows Taskbar Icons

After a lot of time I'm posting here.

I'm going to put some of my personal projects(tools) for customizing Windows taskbar.

So I decided to called it TaskbarDock, and it is planned to have the following features:

- Center taskbar Icons
- Hide/Show Start button
- Hide/Show System Tray
- Make it transparent
- Pin icons and dock group of tiles looking like startmenu tiles
- Customize pinned icons with your own icons
- Skin taskbar
- ...

there head to Release page to download the new versions.

It is still in early development. But I hope you might like to give your feedback and ideas, so if I can add them I will surely do.

Hope you like it and maybe you can even support me… to maintain it.
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I like it. Reminds me of Elementary OS Windows taskbar

Battery eater?

How to download from github and use it?

Help me please!!!

gif Here you go! (Also made this account just for you lol)

Edit: Forgot to say you gotta scroll down then click "Asset" then click the file with the .zip extension.

Thanks it's so nice

Amazing! Great job!
Startup error:

Access violation at address 00407EFE in module "TaskbarDock.exe"
Read of address 00000001
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Only interesting if you can manage to get a legit recycling bin on that damn taskbar until then I'll stick with StartIsBack + TranslucentTB - good luck for your project tho
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Nice Taskbardock +fav +fav +fav :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: Rage Oops! I am a dummy! Love La la la la Clap 
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