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8oot Logo Changer

By vhanla
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8oot Logo Changer v1.2 beta is a tool to change Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 boot logo with a custom picture.

With this tool you can customize your Windows 8 boot logo with any picture you like.

Just open or drop any picture file, use the [>] button to generate the replacement bitmaps, continue by generating the bootres.dll file and finally apply it. 

However, you need to enabled testsigning mode, otherwise you won't be able to see any logo picture, just a blank screen.

It would not work with UEFI and OEM PCs which already have a custom logo.

Download ~> codigobit.net/app/2

Mirror ~> dl.codigobit.info/3694474/8oot…

Notice about the installer: It is a third party installer which helps me to keep my hosting running, because I used to host my software in free hosting services but they are bandwidth limited, you might prefer not to install those sponsored software by reading while you are installing in custom or advanced mode; however it would mean a lot to me if you help me to keep software free by installing them. 

© 2013 - 2020 vhanla
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Can not even download. Links to spam pages. Useless download assistant, Bloatware, viruses. Are U high?
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Very sorry, but a trojan.gen2 is reported in this file?
Group31's avatar
What about win10 support?
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Have you no sense of self respect?  You have a bunk installer and a mirror site that gives you the run around back to the bunk installer.  Do the world a favor and take this garbage down.
AvalPlaza's avatar
lol yeah it must be rather embarrasing for him to admit.
Real link w/o spoofware -> original creator -> www.brothersoft.com

(Hide this, and I will report you to the staff. Ok?)
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Go figure, I finally download the actual software and all it does is remove the boot logo completely, not change it.
DaMonkeyOnCrack's avatar
Doesn't work. It just removes the logo and leaves the screen blank
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is there a legit installer somewhere? you should at least provide an installer which doesn't only install trash, but actually installs the program as well..
mellejwz's avatar
it just wants to install a whole lot of crap, but not the software, are there even people who legitimately used the application? or are all the screenshots etc just made with an image editor?
darknessblades's avatar
you can say no to the trash that can be installed wit hit
Pink618's avatar
i have! the mirror worked just fine for me when the other one didn't. the program it self just didn't work
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hi, i attempt to patch the files to remove the watermark but it says "System Error. Code 126 Can not find the specified module"...  any solution?
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I downloaded the installer, all I get is options to install crap and spyware.  It never downloads the 8oot program.
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magnifica app, pero vaya una puta mierda de instalador ...que hace de todo, menos instalar el programa.

~Vhania, ¿serías tan amable de escribir un tutorial sobre como instalar 8oot-Logo-Changer?, porque yo quiero instalar la aplicación, no las 80 aplicaciones (basura) adicionales del instalador. El caso es que en mi equipo (Windows 8) he llegado a la necesidad de tener que usar software para monitorizar los archivos que expande el instalador, pero no instala tu aplicación, solo instala el resto de basura... a pesar de haber declinado las licencias, pero bueno...

PD: Creo que es la primera vez en la historía de la informática que es necesario un tutorial para usar corréctamente un instalador, yo me plantearía eliminar toda esa basura de spam y adawares de tu installer, sincéramente, solo conseguirás mala reputación para tu software.

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OK, I got the prog installed ;)

Now, the tool does not seem to work for me on win 8.1.  I notice the following:

1.  Testmode turns on (I can see in the bottom right corner).
2.  All I can manage to do is get the boot logo to be blank ... although I have followed your instructions.
3.  The preview shows my new logo though ... but it does not animate ... is it supposed to animate in the preview (and in the boot screen)?

Pity this does not seem to be working for me ... are you able to offer a solution please?
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Windows 8 doesn't have animated boot logo, only the loading animation below (those circles), this tool does the steps provided in this guide www.winmatrix.com/forums/index…, if you want to do it manually, maybe it could help.

I just suggest you to try it again: first choose a picture, press [>] button it will crop that picture according to the required dimensions (6 pictures), then generate the bootres.dll file (it will ask you to allow a local test signing, since bootres.dll needs it to be recognized by the boot process, it will only ask once), anyway, once created the bootres.dll file, Apply it and restart your PC to see it (of course you need to enable TestMode).

Notice that booting process is too fast on some machines, and the boot logo doesn't even appear (it depends on your system).
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I cannot get your tool to download the actual logo changer :(   I downloads the bloatware fine ... but not the actual things we are all interested in.  Are you going to fix this or do I need to look around the web for the executable?  Thanks
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lol ya its useless. I mean the program it self does nothing what so ever. I chose a image and all it did was remove the windows logo...and it was a blank screen with my loading animation and thats it. Thats all
it did. Not to mention it ended up screwing up my entire system. I had to do a system restore just to fix it....
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You should really be ashamed of that installer.
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