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Windows 11's taskbar added a new child window that overrides the older non animated, non centered tasks list child container. I was playing with it, and I could insert my application inside the new taskbar window, just exactly where the old task list was (now hidden in Win11), but mine still shows as background, yaaay. So (as you can see in the picture above), this can be updated when shell messages are detected, like adding or removing windows from taskbar, and adjust its size accordingly. However, since it is a hacky method, and even if it works, it shows some annoying glitches on some circumstances, but I guess they're few. Hopefully, they will be no problem for many of us who likes to have the new Windows 11's taskbar skinned. And about Windows 10 taskbar, I tried something similar, but as it still uses the older task list window, it can't be painted behind them, I tried, and it worked for a moment, then it is repainted and everything (skin) is erased, or sometimes, the area
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Yesterday Windows 11 was officially launched for general availability, well for PCs compliant to its requirements. After a long time I logged back in here, and saw a previous post which showed an experiment with Windows 10's start menu, unfortunatelly there were many changes to how they handled its windows (aka start menu container), but it seems they just cropped its clickable area and left a child (modern acrylic) window which can't (at least by me) be modified. So, reviving my old program Windows 8 Start Screen Customizer, it just came to my mind that why not use that on Windows 11's Start Menu, at least as its background (animated). And here is how it looks: https://media.giphy.com/media/dUfvXFeNsHtDQ9HrGL/giphy.gif
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I'm starting to write a simple tool that will add group of tiles similar to the new Windows 10's Start Menu, that will be pinned to our taskbar using their own icons (multiple icons in taskbar). So far, I've been doing some research related to detecting the taskbar's icon locations, it was not easy, back in Windows XP times, was easier with that taskbar's structure it had back then, with the arrival of Windows 7 (maybe Vista) and newer Windows versions, that taskbar has changed offering a different structure access using MSAA (Microsoft Active Accessibility), so I finally could find the way to get each taskbar's icon location (coordinates, s
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Hey Victor ....1st of all i thank you for making such a good tool winstartscreencustomizer(.. it'll be more good if you make this software work after explorer crashes.... As sometimes if my explorer crashes then its nt working.. so again i've to open the .exe &load the pic &so on.... if you do so it'll be great :)
I'm looking for your unofficial google music desktop application but I can't find it anywhere! please help!
He is updating right now. I have seen a photo ... it's sweet and awesome. 

... if you can't wait for the new update .... you may download GDeskTunes ... it's awesome too. 
Where can I find the Start Screen customizer? 
The Google Music player is fantastic! Very well put together. What did you write it in? Just starting to get into programming and am gearing towards java currently but I am always interested in what others are doing. Thanks Again for the program!
Hiya, Windows 8 start screen thing is tits! Love it.
GMDP is awesome!