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Tempest Shadow Commission by vgmaster9 Tempest Shadow Commission :iconvgmaster9:vgmaster9 7 2 Military Meme by vgmaster9 Military Meme :iconvgmaster9:vgmaster9 3 0 Third Wonka Meme by vgmaster9 Third Wonka Meme :iconvgmaster9:vgmaster9 5 2 Another Wonka Meme by vgmaster9 Another Wonka Meme :iconvgmaster9:vgmaster9 1 0 Wonka meme by vgmaster9 Wonka meme :iconvgmaster9:vgmaster9 4 4 Pantera meme by vgmaster9 Pantera meme :iconvgmaster9:vgmaster9 2 0 Another metal meme by vgmaster9 Another metal meme :iconvgmaster9:vgmaster9 1 8 Random metal meme by vgmaster9 Random metal meme :iconvgmaster9:vgmaster9 3 4 Santa's Death Shop part 8 by vgmaster9 Santa's Death Shop part 8 :iconvgmaster9:vgmaster9 0 0
Metal band: Iad
Name: Iad
Year formed: 1981
Origin: Bucharest, Romania
Genres: Black metal, Death metal, Thrash metal
Lineup: Daniel Bălan (Lead vocals/Bass), Nicușor Albescu (Lead guitar), Costin Cojocaru (Rhythm guitar/Backing vocals), Liviu Negrescu (Drums)
Bio: Iad (Meaning 'Hell' and 'Inferno' in Romanian), an extreme metal band, formed in 1981 and is a well known band in the First Wave of Black Metal movement. Their style a well constructed combination of black metal, death metal, and thrash metal, creating a unique style of their own. They have toured with bands such as Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Venom, Mercyful fate, and Sarcofago.
Over the years the band members have formed bands of their own, though they are just with the bands on a temporary basis. Band frontman, Daniel Bălan has formed a death/thrash band as well as a studio based industrial black metal project. Lead guitarist Nicușor Albescu has formed a blackened thrash metal band, which combines the styles of old-scho
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Metal band: Lesbian gore party
Name: Lesbian Gore Party
Year formed: 2001
Origin: Toronto, Canada
Genre: Slam death metal
Lineup: Casey Symons (Vocals), Leanna Forest (Guitar), Marcelyn Gladwin (Bass), Lorraine Stacey (Drums)
Bio: Imagine if you took a band like GirlSchool and made them sound like bands such as Devourment and Vulvectomy, then you would have Lesbian Gore party. This band is universally known as the first all-female brutal slamming death metal band. Their lyrics talk about things from gore to the absolutely sick. They have the reputation of creating more female brutal/slam death metal fans. They also have several animated music videos which visualize the lyrics throughout the song.
The members of the band have numerous side-projects. Vocalist Casey Symons has a solo slam death metal project called Blistered Fetus Dismemberment. It is a studio-only project where she uses all the instruments, vocals, songwriting, etc. Guitarist Leanna Forest's project is called Cumfest, which is a one-person Pornogrind
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RIP Cookie dog by vgmaster9 RIP Cookie dog :iconvgmaster9:vgmaster9 2 0
Metal band: Steel Messiah
Name: Steel Messiah
Year formed: 1975
Origin: London, England
Genre: Speed metal
Lineup: Syd Hermanson  (Lead vocals, Bass), Alfred Gully (Guitars, Backing vocals), Gareth Granger (Drums)
Bio: Originally a NWOBHM band in their first three albums, Steel Messiah had been known as a household name in the speed metal genre, like Motorhead, Venom, Exciter, Anvil, and Agent Steel.
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Metal band: Henchman
Name: Henchman
Year formed: 1970
Origin: Birmingham, England
Genre: Heavy metal
Lineup: Buddy Davison (Lead vocals), Codie Neville (Lead guitar), Irvin Womack (Rhythm guitar, Backing vocals), Lovell Garret (Bass, Backing vocals), Ern Honeycut (Drums)
Bio: Founded by rhythm guitarist Irvin Womack, Henchman is a traditional heavy metal band that are hailed as one of the metal greats, among Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Motorhead, and Iron Maiden. The band's style gets with the times as each decade goes by. Lead vocalist Buddy Davison also has his own solo work. The band members were in their early 20s by the band's inception, and even by the time they reach 90, Henchman would still be playing hard and not wanting to go away.
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Metal band: Scythicity
Name: Scythicity
Year formed: 1985
Origin: Tampa, Florida
Genre: Death metal
Lineup: Otis Henry (Vocals, Bass), Jared Glover (Lead guitar), Kevin Archer (Rhythm guitar), Felix Gardener (Drums)
Bio: A classic death metal band from Florida, Scythicity constantly evolves their sound with every album they release. They use the traditional old-school death metal sound and are a benchmark in the genre.
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Metal band: Eternal Cross
Name: Eternal Cross
Year formed: 1984
Origin: Hamburg, Germany
Genre: Power metal
Lineup: Maximilian Freund (Lead vocals), Raimund Strohkirch (Lead guitar, Backing vocals), Gernot Bischoffs (Rhythm guitar, Backing vocals), Ottomar Lafrenz (Bass, Backing vocals), Raffael Weeber (Drums), Mathis Holst (Keyboards)
Bio: Eternal Cross is a power metal band that contains elements of neoclassical metal, as well as symphonic and progressive influences. They are widely known for their soaring melodies and strong choruses.
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With the repeal of net neutrality, Article 13 on the horizon, and Tumblr banning NSFW content, don't you think it's about time that we created an internet where we can get away from the shit that governments and corporations are doing? Creating an internet that can't be regulated and is always open for users to post freely without getting affected by monopolies.
With there being illustration programs like Illustrator for vector and Photoshop for raster, as well as animation programs like Animate/Harmony for vector and TVPaint for raster, what do you feel are the advantages and disadvantages of the two formats?
Do any of you draw or paint with an illustration program like Clip Studio Paint or Krita, then using an image editing program like Photoshop or GIMP for additional adjustments?
Since Tumblr is about to ban NSFW content entirely, there are going to be a ton of artists who will want to migrate here. In order to keep a thriving porn art community, do you think it's about time that DA finally allows porn art? There can still be limits though, like for real life porn, that can still be forbidden. Yay or nay?


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