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What We Are

VG-Overload - Your Stop For Video Games!
We LOOOOVE video games, and it doesn't matter if they're retro, modern, platformers, RPGs, were only released in one country or everywhere! All contributions welcome (but you have to be a good contributor, and to sign up, just drop hammer-princess a note =))

Submission Rules OK!
It's a pain, but we gotta have these rules, unfortunately.

:bulletgreen: Video game related art is always welcome.
-- Mature content art is also accepted (but this still has to comply with the deviantART Sumbmission Policy)

:bulletgreen: Any art that breaks the deviantART Submission Policy is also not allowed.

:bulletgreen: Contributors are allowed to write blog entries on video games that they have played. However, these have to be related to the video game in question, and no short 'ZOMG I LOVE THIS GAME' comments. Oh, and normal members can write them too, but I have to vote on them.

Apart from all that, enjoy it here! =)
I have been noticing alot of new invitations to other groups lately and I am starting to notice that they are not game related. I will ask, as a supporter of this group that you stop inviting random groups (i know, they got good artwork and all but still) unless they are game related. It will help the group more if the groups you invite or accept invites from, if they are related to our own in topic.

Thank you from your loving vididiot,


PS: Pointillism work coming soon for the group from me. Maybe some sketches, don't know though.
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Never be a Number 2 by MissNeens Never be a Number 2 :iconmissneens:MissNeens 93 19 EWJ: What the heck?!? by MissNeens EWJ: What the heck?!? :iconmissneens:MissNeens 39 3 Jim and Peter against the rest of the Game by MissNeens Jim and Peter against the rest of the Game :iconmissneens:MissNeens 94 49 Sonic's Diner - Chillydog Takeaway by MissNeens Sonic's Diner - Chillydog Takeaway :iconmissneens:MissNeens 209 95 Videogame Best Friends Forever! by MissNeens Videogame Best Friends Forever! :iconmissneens:MissNeens 643 203 Troublemaker by MissNeens Troublemaker :iconmissneens:MissNeens 264 70 Bloody Mary by Neocasko Bloody Mary :iconneocasko:Neocasko 4 0
Streets of Rage Remake Review
Fangames Galore
Streets of Rage Remake
Streest of Remake is a fangame developed by a group known as BomberGames. It has been in development for 8 years (since 2003) but had it's final version (V5) released on the Internet on April 2011. The game is a mix and enhancement of the Streets of Rage trilogy by Sega with a slightly more detailed story and tons of graphical enhancements and features added. It has resulted in quite an ambitious fangame with a lot of work put into it. Here is my review of Streets of Rage Remake V5.
A city (which is unnamed) has been taken over by a mysterious and powerful criminal organization called the Syndicate lead  by it's mysterious crime boss known only as "Mr. X".  He was defeated and believed eliminated for good along with the organization by three cops-turned vigilantes named Axel Stone, Adam Hunter, and Blaze Fielding who were also assisted by an unnamed police officer who provided them with backup firepower. Until the Syndic
:iconneocasko:Neocasko 4 0
Avenging Spirit GB Review
GBL Obscurity Corner
Avenging Spirit (GB)
Avenging Spirit was originally an arcade game released in 1991. It was published by Jaleco.  It was later ported to the GB the next year. Since I am sticking to games in the Game Boy line, I will be talking about the Game Boy version. Now here is my review of Avenging Spirit on GB.
The story goes like this. The main protagonist was walking with his girlfriend one day from my assumption was the grocery store (from the bag of groceries she is carrying). All of a sudden, they were ambushed by a couple of gangsters. They kidnap the girl and shoot the protagonist to death. Game over at the start? No! He dies but becomes a wandering and vengeful spirit who has yet to cross over. He is summoned by his girlfriend's father who is a scientist who researches "ghost energy". The scientist explains that the gangsters are part of a crime syndicate who have his daughter kidnapped and held for ransom in on order to try and obtain his research
:iconneocasko:Neocasko 2 2
Gunstar Super Heroes Review
GBL Obscurity Corner
Gunstar Super Heroes (GBA)
Gunstar Super Heroes is a sequel of the classic run and gun game, Gunstar Heroes on the Genesis/Mega Drive (also ported to the Game Gear). These games were made by Treasure who have also made games like Dynamite Heady which is also on the Genesis/Mega Drive, Guardian Heroes, and Ikaruga just to name a few. I will be focusing mostly on Gunstar Super Heroes so don't expect many comparisons between it and it's predecessor. So here is the review.
The story takes place many years after the first game in which a powerful android known as Golden Silver (known by many as the God of Ruin) is defeated by by a group of heroes called the Gunstars (called Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green) when it tried to destroy the planet Earth. After it's defeat, it explodes which results in four moons being created. As many years passed, the people of Earth began colonizing them and an era of prosperity and peace began. However, a fifth moon eventually appeared
:iconneocasko:Neocasko 3 11
Video Game Fantasy Character 1 by Jaystab Video Game Fantasy Character 1 :iconjaystab:Jaystab 12 8 Black Mage by Jaystab Black Mage :iconjaystab:Jaystab 10 0 Damaged Suit Samus by Jaystab Damaged Suit Samus :iconjaystab:Jaystab 12 11 Piggy Cop by suarezart Piggy Cop :iconsuarezart:suarezart 52 6 8 bit SVA by SamSaxton 8 bit SVA :iconsamsaxton:SamSaxton 7 4 oldschool by mechanicalhemiola oldschool :iconmechanicalhemiola:mechanicalhemiola 47 18


These are the groups we're affilated with. You can suggest affilations for us - just let hammer-princess know!










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