Chain of Life

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Am I you ... Or, are you me?
You've been through everything that I will go through.
Like your father before you, you repeat, I repeat, we repeat.
We are a chain of life, linking for a brief time.
Or, linked for eternity?
When did it begin?
Where did it begin?
All I know is the chain.
I can see a few links before me and a few after.
After two or three links in either direction the rest become faded in clouds.
Tugging from both sides, I feel the stress and strain of life.
Sometimes it feels as though I will be ripped apart, yet I maintain.
Simply a link in the chain of life.
Stories of old tell of links past.
Adventure lies in the chain, and it ripples right by me.
With each day, I feel the shift from young to old.
April 25, 2011
© 2011 - 2021 vfripley
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Okay, so I'm actually torn on which one's my favorite!