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MAD Kawaii

I'm a big fan of MAD covers, which I think is the only thing that tickles me while the contents are corny as hell. Now where is the page showing Elton John groped Eminem's dick?

MAD's cover is all about looking at things from a satirical point of view, politics, movies, musics, major events, celebrities etc. Alfred, yeah that idiotic face which has been gracing the covers of MAD for than 50 years is the star of MAD and the epitome of stupidity.

So far, no MAD issues has took a swipe at the Anime-Manga. Wait, I was wrong. MAD did took a shot at Pokemons... Somehow I decided to take this MAD take on Anime-Manga a little more extreme by featuring these 5 characters since there has been a lot of stupidity going on with them. How stupid? I suppose you fans know that better since you have been bragging them like MAD on imageboards.

MAD Kawaii desu:rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose:
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O_o Is that Box Gundam/Domon and Rain at the bottom?