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Cosplayers in Utah!
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Vermilion Fire, Utah cosplayer and creator of impossible things.

VFire started cosplaying when she discovered the art in 2008. Inspired by her fellow crafty friends she embarked on a journey to learn more. She did not do well at first, but she was already hooked and in love with recreating her favorite characters, props, and weapons from video games and more. years later she still is perfecting her skills and has come a long way. She loves helping beginners gain their stride and sharing her hobby as a cosplayer.

You can find her at the following sites as well:

You can also find her at the website below for the Cosplay Stitch and Seam. There you will find many other cosplayer stories and crafting adventures.

Tagged by :iconcassinicloset:

Rules of the game

1. You have to post the rules

2. You have to answer the 12 questions you were asked and then ask 12 questions to the people you tag

3. Tag 12 people at the end

4. You can’t say that you “don’t do tags”

5. Tag backs are allowed

6. You must do the journal entry

Alright, now for some Q & A! 

  1. Favorite place to eat? If it’s a nook in a wall, tell us about it: I really enjoy a little place called Asian Potato. Its has great chicken and the staff is super nice. I'm not a huge fan of asian foods but I really enjoy their dishes.

  2. What DnD class do you prefer? If you don’t know or play Dungeons and Dragons, think of Lord of the Rings and pick a character you’d base yourself off of: I love playing Barbarian or Fighter. I kind of like being a bruiser type and doing crazy stupid stuff.

  3. Ever gone to a movie or play and it ending up being really bad you walked out? What was it ? If not what’s your best movie/ theatrical experience? I haven't really walked out of a show yet. My favorite movie experience was seeing the first Avengers the night it opened. The crowd was amazing, the movie was epic, and it was seriously my "Star Wars" moment with how the movie played out. 

  4. Favorite entertainer? Late night host or comedian? John Oliver is awesome and his humor is on point.

  5. What is your dream goal? Cosplay? Project? Life event? I really want to make some crazy big cosplays (Samus Varia Suit and the like.) My personal goals outside of cosplay are to work on educational games that are also crazy fun.

  6. Ever had a good job you miss working for? Not really. I enjoy the one I am at right now and the side jobs I am doing. I do miss how one of my jobs started out and I definitely miss the people I worked with.

  7. Any Teacher from school you miss? Or enjoyed their class? I miss classes at the U with Corrinne and Roger. Seriously the best classes I took were from those two and I learned so much about game dev and game history.

  8. What is your favorite drink of choice? Coke. I have a problem >.>

  9. What anime or manga ( or TV series or book series) do you want more of? Pandora Hearts but I am also happy with where it ended. I would not want it any different.

  10. If you could erase one event in past time, what would it be, who would you eliminate and how do you think it would change ‘future’ today. ( ie; remove Hitler) I have no idea... This is a hard choice because I have no idea what the ramifications could be. This is a lot... lol... Maybe discuss at a later time ;)

  11. What is something the surprised you that you are good at? Skill or talent. Teaching. That was never on my list to do or learn and my current job showed me I could be amazing at it. I did not start good at it though. Def took a few years.

  12. If you were sentenced to prison right now, what crime did you commit? (the sillier the better) Being so dang fabulous!

Tagging others:
Sireanna Silver-Fyre ShiningForceKaya Tatsue CassiniCloset and whoever else wants to do it. 

Questions for the peeps I tagged:

1. What is your favorite movie and why?
2. What was your longest project to work on?
3. How are you feeling today?
4. Favorite place you have ever visited and describe it the best you can :)
5. Dream vacation?
6. Best convention you have ever been to.
7. Worst convention now.
8. Who is your favorite scientist and why?
9. What book series is your go-to recommendation?
10. What is the most chocolate you have eaten in one day?
11. What is your favorite video game?
12. What is something awesome that has happened to you recently?

Thanks guys!


New episode from the Cosplay Stitch and Seam is live. Today's topic: Armor vs. Fabric cosplays! (…)


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