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Since I'm no premium member, I can't have the "Poll Widget". So here is how to vote.

Step 1: Comment saying "Vote"


1. No other comments than "Vote" on the journal post. If you want to ask me a question, go to my profile and I'll answer.

2. No more than one vote.

3. If you hate the movie I picked, then don't comment.

4. No HATE comments on any movie or Deviant.

WARNINGS: Not ALL movies will have a link where you can watch them. Some of the movies will ave copyrights on them and can not be shown on youtube. I can, on the other hand, post a link to a website or store where you can buy the movie.

I do not post rated R movies for vote:

If you have a movie that you want to be up for vote one week, just send me the trailer video on youtube.

Not all suggested movies will be up for vote, but the suggested movies will be linked to the suggested movie journal.

I do not want things like "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". or "Playboy"

Most movies I would like to see would be family movies, adventure movies, and action movies.

Definition for movie types:

Family: Brave… Brave Deluxe Edition DVD Cover -DL by osoalex

Adventure: Indiana Jones 4 Cover by MICHA3L2611

Action: Transformers 3:DOTM by Torch85
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Submitted on
July 15, 2012