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Okay, so I was introduced to Transformers through Transformers animated. I am opening up ONLY TFA commissions. Let me explain how it will work.

If you commission me, send me a link of your transformers character and I'll draw them as a Transformers Animated character with their human version standing next to them. If they are already the Transformers Animated version, I'll still draw them with a human version. Prices are $30 per picture. here is an example of my TFA art style. The image will look more like the first one. 

TFA Cyber character sheet by VexyFate  Sentinel and Azalea COMMISSION by VexyFate  TFA OC Bolt by VexyFate  TFA Samurai Prowl by VexyFate 
Anyone up for some sims with me? I need to create some sims and do some building for my world. Here is the link.
Just sketching up some stuff. :) Please feel free to join and talk to me. :)
Want to see what artist's I chose for my gift stream??? Click the link here to see. Also, don't worry if you didn't get picked this time. I'll be doing more of these stream in the future. :D

Picarto GIFT stream starting NOW!
I'm doing my gift stream tomorrow. Please post a link to your profile in THIS journal post! I'll look at your page and draw art tomorrow off of it. :) 
I need to get back to drawing more and I want to do more streams. I also want to do more small gifts for people on there. Of course gifts are what I want them to be since they are free, but if you join my streams, send the link to your DA profile or your favorite OC or character and I may draw it!!!!!! So please give me a comment on this post and let me know if you are down for it. 
I'm planning on being on a picarto stream today at 2:00 pm EST with some booze! Come join in for some doodles and Q&A!

If you send messag me on this journal post and show up at the stream, you may get a little art doodle gift! I LOVE looking at people's profiles and seeing their art and re-drawing their characters for fun!
Want to build in the sims 4?!
Hey everyone! I'm livestreaming Sims 4 for my B-Day!!!!! Here is a link. Warning, I may have a good few drinks in me so be warned!!!!!
Okay so I know you guys know I don't post too often anymore, but there is a reason.....

I'm so burned out on Transformers art! SOOOOOO, I'm not going to be accepting any more transformers CM's for a while on this account. I'll accept them, just pls no transformers...
I know I know! Transformers has been my main thing for years!!! I'll most likely not get any CM's anymore. BUUUTTTTTTTT, I have a solution!

I made a new account today. :iconthirdwheelartist: I'll be doing CM's on there and here. Just not TF art. I'll start it back up again eventually.... :)

Sorry TF watchers for the bad news, but I just hate drawing robots recently. lol Plus I'm not too into TF anymore. I'll always like it, but I just have a hard time getting back into it. I'll be posting any TF artwork I do on here when I do it though.

If you go to my new account and follow, You'll see my new stuff! <3
Anyone up for a livestream tonight? I will be drawing some stuff! :D
Hey everyone! My Commissions are still discounted till the 10th. So if you note me now and anytime between the 10th, describing what you want drawn AND the first half of the discounted payment ready, you will get the discount. But, anytime after, It will be put back to full price!

Read here for my Commission information:  COMMISSIONS ARTober Art Fest by VexyFate

Examples of my artwork: 
Ieada Blue Lantern by VexyFate  Gift For Lyrica by VexyFate  Rescue Bots Solar by VexyFate  GENOS by VexyFate 
Star Wars Rebels Adult Ezra by VexyFate  MandoGirl CM by VexyFate  The Lost Bayard (FanMade) by VexyFate  Transformers Prime Adoptables #1: Vortex (CLOSED) by VexyFate 
TFA OC Bolt by VexyFate  Tara C by VexyFate  The Prophet by VexyFate
Commissions OPEN!!!!!! by VexyFate  <------ Click here to see information!

Stuff I do ------------------------------

Sentinel and Azalea COMMISSION by VexyFate  Star Wars Rebels Adult Ezra by VexyFate  Keera by VexyFate  Asha Moon by VexyFate  Tara C by VexyFate
I'm doing a livestream on picarto tonight. :D Please send me a link to your DA account on the Picarto room chat so I can check out your art. I may decide to draw your character for the fun of it! :D 



Tue Sep 27, 2016, 7:05 PM Click the link to watch some drawing. Feel free to ask any questions. :)

Streaming soon! :D

Tue Sep 27, 2016, 6:41 PM
About to set up tonight's livestream. Please come and watch if you are interested. I'll send out a journal entry when it's ready. 

Anyone up for a livestream tonight?

Tue Sep 27, 2016, 4:50 PM
I might livestream some if anyone wants to come and hang out with me a bit. :D


Tue Sep 20, 2016, 7:00 PM

Click the link to watch me draw. Don't forget to post a link to your DA profile so I can chose something to draw for someone. :P 

Livestream! (soon)

Tue Sep 20, 2016, 4:50 PM
Get ready! :D I'm going to do a livestream. Show up to the livestream and you may get a chance at getting a free headshot sketch of your character. When the livestream starts, just say hello and send a link to your profile. It doesn't matter how well you draw, I'll chose based on whoever fits my mood tonight. :D

I'll try to do these more often since I have some more time and have been back into drawing. 
If I find that these streams are working out, I'll see if it's worth upgrading my profile on picarto.

I'll stream for a bit and may get back on tonight. 
Please feel free to ask questions! 

Please let me know in the comments below if you are hoping to join in if you would like.