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Change of pace

Pretty much as the saur says, not much else I can say~

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Looking forward to more.
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well I hate to admin Vexx, I really love that comic, and also I going to miss that color when it change.
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I mean, there is a reason manga comics use black and white; color is incredibly expensive for printed comics, not to mention how much time it takes.  If you really want to get a plot out, color is not the way to go.  It always did surprise me how so many SJ comics, including yours, insisted on color.  And sure, color is great!  It really helps add to the environment.  But if it's really that much of a hassle to color every page, then yeah, you're not gonna be able to update as fast as you want to.  And if that's your priority, then black and white is probably the way to go.  

And here's the thing: now that you've decided to go black and white, you can now use color for emphasis whenever you feel like it!  

My point is: I can't speak for everyone, but black and white is just fine for me.  Here's hoping it makes things easier on you!

Also, hope you start feeling better soon...I can probably speak for most if not all your fans when I say health always comes first.  Please don't strain yourself too hard.  
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Its easier to put manga with no color. Its simple to put dark colors in a various spots, it saves you energy for that, best wishes! :)
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I do prefer colored work, but I know that probably adds quite a bit more hassle where simply shading will suffice. Glad you'll be updating more this way! 
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My best wishes for your health, Vexx.
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Mm.. I fully understand now.
Still (but sometimes) , Change is good.
Feel better soon Vexxy!~ I am rooting for ya'! X3
(Take as much time as you need too, Health always comes first)
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Hahah, that it does. But still x3
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Health is always more important. Do what you see fit and what you think is best.
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Yeah, thank you though!
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This... does not bode well for me, this is EXACTLY how we lost National Dex. Personally I'd rather that someone volunteer to do coloring (shading is another business). Myself I do not know if I could do it, especially since, if it was as simple as a "paint by numbers" I'm sure Vexx'd do it himself anyway.
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Well not exactly. I think Cam lost interest in National Dex and wanted to do something more original. Which is cool and all (I mean you seen his latest works? Awesome stuff!)
I'm just looking for an way to continue making progress without losing so much time, since I get ill alot and it takes more time for me to get anywhere. I still aim for PMDT to be fully completed, no matter how long it takes me. 
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:thumbsup: Totally fine with however you want to go about these pages.~
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My body is ready.
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Heck yea!
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Yup. I like these changes and are completely ready for so many pages and I love how you can manga ovo
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It feels awesome to Manga B3
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Maybe its the lack of shading, but black and white style seems more sharp already. XD
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Been enjoying the shift yourself at least? ^^
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Gonna miss the color but thats ok.
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