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The Swarm

After submitting my Royal Emblems iPod wallpaper pack, I received quite a lot of requests to make desktop versions.

Here is the first: the emblem for the Changling Swarm.


Changling Swarm - [Here]

New Lunar Republic - [link]

Solar Empire - [link]

United Equestria - [link]

Order of Chaos - [link]

Griffon Kingdom - [Coming Soon!]


Vector and emblem design by: =Emkay-MLP

MLP: FiM © Studio B and Hasbro
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My first thoughts on this are, wow! The effects you've done to the writing and logo are god like, you even gave them a font that really works well with their look. I still don't know where the icon in the back originated from, but I'm glad you chose it because it really ties the whole work together. You have, without a doubt, proven, once again, that you are simply amazing at making these fraction wallpapers. Also you have shown that you take great care in your work without rushing them, but making them the best they can be before releasing it!

Your New Watcher
Golden Choice
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Kingdom of the Changelings!
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Commander Thorn: For the Changeling Republic!!!
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Changeling Republic and Lunar Republic Alliance forever!
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im looking for a chrysalis group any ideas???
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I love the Solar, Lunar and swarm symbols most and can't wait for the Griffion kingdom's symbol. Are you going to create one for the Canines/Hounds/Diamond Dogs ?
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It isn't likely.
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This music: [link]

That is all...
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You never fail to amaze with these wallpapers! Good show my good sir!
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Absolutely love these. Keep them coming!
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Of course! There's only one left to do. :D
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And this is also awesome; I have a new desktop now. :3
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Wait, there is an iPod Wallpaper pack!?
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I'm feeling this and the new lunar republic are the first prints im ever gonna buy :D
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That's be awesome! Although, neither of them are prints. And deviantART's system doesn't allow you to make something a print after you've already uploaded them

I'm thinking about reuploading them as prints though.
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I've seen so many great, amazing artwork in deviantart on MLP FiM. It's really REALLY inspirational, although it does make me jealous at times XD Too good for me.
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Hehe, well I'm glad you like this wallpaper! :D
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Like? NO.
I LOVE it.
It also gives me an anticlimax sort of feeling.
I've been looking for those kind of things in MLP.
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