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Order of Chaos

A new wallpaper in the Royal Emblem series and one in particular that I've received a TON of requests for.

Thank you Emkay-MLP for another awesome symbol design. :3


Changling Swarm -…

New Lunar Republic -…

Solar Empire -…

United Equestria -…

Order of Chaos - [Here]

Griffon Kingdom - [Coming Soon!]

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The rise of Chaos!
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Not that I'm advertising or shit but you should see the riverse… BOTH of these really gave me what I was looking for! I was intimidate by chaos bcz It was overwhelming to me. And I thought order would be perfect, but it doesn't really feel like it at first glance. Bcz order is just as intimidating for reasons unknown to me. 

Here chaos looks more like an infinite void. It's First purpose  is to expand and secondly maintain. While order Must First Maintain & then Expand IF at all possible.  

Thank you for helping me change my perspective! :)
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Where's the Griffon Kingdom wallpaper?
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Order of Chaos will be known as mercenaries for hire for the Solar Empire, the New Lunar Republic, the Crystal Empire and the Friendship Federation to defend Equestria from threats all over the world.
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Will this be able to buy as a print? 
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Ah ok ok. Well thank you for the information buddy.
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...I like it.  V For Vendetta Mask 
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order of chaos, not THAT's an oxymoron if I've ever heard one. But still, cool.
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It's exactly the kind of irony I would expect from Discord.  c:
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I'll give that to you
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Have you made a Sombratic Rule wallpaper, yet?
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Think you can make one?
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I plan to make one at some point, I just don't know when that point will be.
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That wouldn't make any sense. Sombra did not have any followers or cultists or guards or messengers or servants or notable minions (which I think he should've had.) Point is, Sombra is one pony not an entire faction. To create an entire logo based off of one antagonist who has no minions would be to much.
MyLittlePrimo's avatar
Apparently, Discord had none of that either, and yet both have their own crests.
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I apologize for bothering you, but do you ever plan on making a mobile version of this wallpaper, because that would be awesome.
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Don't worry about it, you're not bothering me.  I haven't really thought about doing it, no.  Will I do it at some point?  Possibly.

There's a lot of things that I've wanted to do or planned on doing, but because of this rut I've been stuck in for the last several months, I haven't been able to do.  :(
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Okay, thank you for replying, and I hope you're able to pull yourself out of that rut, you know, if you want to. ;) (Wink)
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Oh, excellent. I've known of these wallpapers for a while now, but never thought to actually look them up. That issue's finally fixed today.
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Glad you like them. ^^
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Hail to thee, Discord!
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