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I guess this could be considered kind of minimalist...

I dunno, but my gallery could never have enough Fluttershy.

Comments, faves, and critiques highly appreciated!

Featured on EqD: [link]

Vector made by: *turbulosus

MLP: FiM © Studio B and Hasbro
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:star::star::star::star: Overall
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well first things first; i agree, there can never be to much fluttershy. anyways, this is a very well done picture. the shading around fluttershy, how it goes to whiteish pink, that is done amazingly. and i very much like how you put her to the side instead of the middle, it makes it more balanced with the name, nice job there. so overall, it is something easy on the eyes and a pleasure to look at. vision 5/5 because it just looks wonderful. originality 4/5 because there are a lot of fluttershy wallpapers, but this is different than most others. technique 4.5/5 because the shading mostly, but it covers her a little bit around the sides. nit sure if done on purpose. impact 4/5 because it shows that fluttershy is...well shy. the name how it is small helps a lot as well.
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Thank you very much for taking the time to critique this piece. :)

"but it covers her a little bit around the sides. nit sure if done on purpose."

It was indeed done on purpose. ;)
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sure thing, and okay
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Well isn't this the cutest thing ever.
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If you made her mane curve around a little bit so she formed more of a circle, it would be perfect for a replacement Firefox icon. (Which would be fucking awesome)
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Hehe, you know someone else told me the same thing. However, I didn't actually make the Fluttershy vector myself.
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I know you didn't make it, but when I clicked the link in the description I saw that the persons account has been deleted... :(
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Dunno, but I love it
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Fluttershy is best pony!!!
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Very much so! :D
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I really love it! X3
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This is Beautiful!
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I smiled quite a bit when I saw turbulo's vector. He's a pretty awesome guy.
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He does seem like a pretty awesome dude. :)
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you should make more using this style/template
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I would love to. However, I believe the artist of this vector has only made one for Fluttershy.
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Amazing work on the vector choice. Really fits the minimalism style. And speaking of the minimalism style, you seem to have mastered it, it's awesome.

Great work, one of my favourite minimalism wallpapers to date :D
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Thank you! I wouldn't say I've mastered it, but I am quite happy with the results. :D
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Is there one of Derpy Hooves or Apple Bloom?
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