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"Legends die hard. They survive as truth rarely does."

You know, this did not turn out at all like I planned.

Vector made by: =Emkay-MLP

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To start off, this is a great wallpaper and requires very minor constructive criticism. The background looks great and gives it a bit of a mystical feel that came together quite nicely. This is also quite a unique piece because it uses a background character who we can only assume had an impact on Equestria. The lighting of the piece could be improved in my opinion. The shadowing is fine and the darkened corners look great, however the brightness of the spell that Starswirl is casting takes away from the character a bit too much. It is a bit too big and covers a large portion of the wallpaper. I wasn't sure if he had a horn (Without assuming) because it covered up that area a good amount. I think that that is about all I would say could use improvement. It is still a great piece that looks magnificent even with the large brightened spell.
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I saw that vector so long ago, and you made a BRILLIANT wallpaper with it.
I'm amazed o3o
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Why do I see Starswirl with the same voice as Yen Sid from Kingdom Hearts?
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Thank you! :D
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by star swirl the bearded! this is truly epic!
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Wow, this turned out awesome Vexx, removing the fog was a great idea
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Thanks, man! :D
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it's a little bit bright don't you think? none the less fantastic picture of Star Swirl the Bearded
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Maybe, I dunno. Like I said, it didn't turn out like I had planned at all.
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Where is that "Legends die hard" quote from? Sweet pic by the way.
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That quote is by Helen Hayes.

And thanks! :D
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Horreh shi-
That's epic.
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Very awesome.

Why the 1200 res though?
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I make almost all of my wallpapers in that resolution. 16:10 doesn't get a whole lot of attention.
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Oh ok, that's cool I agree it is a lot less common of a resolution so it could use some more awesome wallpapers.
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