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Imminent Danger

You know, for the first time in a while, I can say I'm happy with how a wallpaper came out.  It's disappointing that it's in my usual high-contrast lighty-grunge style, but I'm still pretty happy with it.

This was made for round two of the wallpaper tournament on Equestria Digital.  The rules for this round were it had to be about Daring Do, had to use her color palette, had to use basic shapes, and could not use bokeh.  I went up against KibbieTheGreat this time and came out victorious.  Was a good fight, gg Kibbie!

Resource Credits:

Daring Do vector:  Archonitianicsmasher
Background vector:  Dipi11
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Well, as I think you know, I'm usually very iffy about critiquing vector work, but... Eh, for you I'll give it a go.

Based on aesthetics, it looks like you've mastered the concepts of color pallets, and the shading & Placing are very well done, it looks very natural.

The shadow is a bit blaise, maybe a tiny bit more work on that could have come out really well. Nothing against it, but just a circle and some shadow on the vector comes off as a bit lazy, you're really good right now, but a little more effort maybe in future could really bring out the piece.

And that's... Really all I have to say. I'm sorry for being blunt, and short, but really, vector work isn't the most difficult. Sorry for sounding biased! This is really quite amazing, and I'd probably us it for my own background if I didn't have a few customs made by friends.
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Thank you for the critique, it's been awhile since I've received one! I've really been grasping at straws lately when it comes to wallpapers.

I do agree about the shadow. I actually noticed how lazy it looked after I submitted, but was at work and couldn't fix it then.
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This looks so awesome! It's probably one of the best Daring Do wallpapers I've ever seen! :D
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This is really cool!
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Thank you! ^^
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This looks really awesome! Great job. :D

Instant wallpaper in 3..2..1..
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I love the look
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This looks extremely awesome! One of your best, definitely!
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One of my best, wow! Thanks! =o
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this one is REALLY cool, do you want a real critic?
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Sure, if you'd like. Keep in mind that this isn't a drawing, though.
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ok, I will, but i will put all my mind into it so it might take a while
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