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Flying Buddies | Commission

By Vexx3
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This was a commission done for *DoktorRainbowFridge using the vector that he made.

I actually kind of like how this came out.  No grunge and no in-your-face lighting effects.
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Thanks for putting them together, I like these two.
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You know, (I'm probably mistaken) I think Rainbow Dash is the only Mane 6 pony to have ever hugged Twilight.
Metagenki's avatar
Came out well indeed, I love this one.
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Thanks!  ^^
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What is said: "new flying buddies"
What some bronies hear: "new flying partners sexual lesbian TWIDASH IS CANON HOT LESBIAN YES".
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To be quite honest, I have yet to hear anyone say more than "They are so cute together" in regards to this piece. I also could care less if others interpret it as a shipping scenario. Art is cool like that.
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I was actually referring to this scene in general, rather than this particular deviation.
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Ah, I see. Even still, I don't see anything wrong with that.
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Awwww SO cute :D Amazing wallpaper. Good job!! :D
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Very nice wallpaper!
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Aww..this is adorable! But, would you mind posting one with out text? I'd like to use it as a wallpaper :)
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There's not enough art of Twilight and Dashie, so it's good to see someone drawing art of them.

I imagine Rainbow Dash would beg Twilight Sparkle to go out flying together once she really got the hang of it.
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Very nice change of pace Vexx :D
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