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A Final Twilight- Matthew Mosier [Cover Art]

This is the cover art for Matthew Mosier's last original song before he leaves to serve time in the military.

It's quite saddening that this is likely his last song for this fandom. His unique acoustic style was always a breath of fresh air over all the electronic music this fandom produces. More than that, though, Matthew was a great person and an awesome friend and it's been an honor for me to have had the opportunity to make art for his music.

I sincerely wish you the best of luck dude! You still have my Skype, so don't be a stranger when you get back. ;)

Vector Credits:

Twilight: *Yanoda
Train Station: ~KiniestLimit
Paper vector: ~M99moron
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I just heard the song and it was amazing *sighs* I just hope he comes home to his family and friends safe and sound. :salute: Good Luck Matthew
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The next time you talk to Moiser can you pass him this link? :[link]

Preciate it.

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If you want, you can also try submitting it to his Tumblr. [link]
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I listened to the song. Oh my God, that was one of the most emotional, brony or otherwise, songs I had ever heard. Best of luck to Matthew Moiser. A beautiful song with beautiful art. I'm proud to be a brony :D
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I wish Matthew the best of luck to him.
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I mean, it's awesome he's going into the service and all, but I like his music, I don't want it to stop!

Also, the art is good, but still NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
sanch3z117's avatar
That's beautiful!
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Twilight being my favorite pony probably helped my opinion too xD
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Oh by the way, Matthew Moiser is awesome.
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Wow, just speechless. This is amazing.
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This is a sad image, but it fits the song perfectly. I'll miss both him and his music, and hope that he has a safe, exciting adventure in the Army.
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This just makes me sad :(
Mathiew was one of the best musicians in the fandom. I hope everything goes well for him.
As for you, Vexx3, you did an amazing job! Do you have any plans for anything else, now that you're not doing album cover art?
Vexx3's avatar
Thanks! I'll still be making cover art, just not for any one artist (unless someone asks).

And, of course, I'll still be doing wallpapers and such.
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I just went to his youtube page to listen to some of his music b/c i never heard of him and i listen to a couple songs and they were beautiful to bad he is leaving. :(
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I listened to this today and I have to's so brilliant. I love the despair on Twi's face as it matches the sort of somber tone of the song.

I also am in total agreement that this fandom seems to produce way too much electronic. I loved electronic music until I found this fandom with such massive quantities of it. It's depressing whenever I share this on my page and not a single person liked it but Tomb's remix of Smile got 10 likes in under a minute....
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I'll be honest here, this fandom got me INTO electronic music. I'm not trying to bash on it, but I definitely wish there was way more variety.
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Absolutely amazing picture, absolutely gorgeous song. I really like both. I feel bad that I met this person's music when he was just about to leave, but I can still smile knowing that he'll do the country well.
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