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Lola Who?

A pinup of Bugs bunny from that one scene in the movie "Looney Tunes back in Action"…
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That bunny can get any tail desired at the moment.

Very well done.

thanks to bugs i developed a crippling addiction to furry femboys

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Ah shit I actually remember the scene XD

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I hate how hot this is

I bet Bugs Bunny kept dressing as a woman... for him. LOL

Elmer Fudd is like, "Bugs Bunny as a woman is hot, hahahahaha. It's Wabbit season, In My Pants." xD

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"Did ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress?"

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So... femboy Bugs Bunny?

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Well, Bugs Bunny did ALOT of cross-dressing in the OG Loony Tunes...usually for comedy and foiling Elmer Fudd but with the amount of effort and detail he went into it you can't tell me he wasn't into it.

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Oh, i'm aware of that lol.

I remember this

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I'll be honest, nails are my kryptonite when it comes to drawing. It's like you have to draw the fingers first(with correct anatomy), and then the nails on top. Which are tiny to me!

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very beautiful work!

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