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So I found some modeling clay a couple days ago, and decided I'd make a pony! Was not expecting to actually make it into anything, for one the clay is some plastic based stuff, with no conventional ways to make it hold its shape permanently, and so I was going to squish it once I was done with it. However, Chaotic Harmony realized it looked a bit like his OC, and said I shouldn't destroy it, and instead sell it to him! Well, I took his advice, and after a few days of pouring most of a bottle of Cyanoacrylate glue over it, I finally managed to make a glue shell that would hold up. Then it was just some paint and a base, and here we are!

I expect I will go buy some actual modeling clay now.

I suppose I would be up for doing more of these, if anyone looking is interested, throw me a note I guess.

Model is 2.5in. tall, 4in. long, and about 2in. deep. (Not including base)
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You must be good at this because, this looks cool