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Iron Mountains by Vexorum Iron Mountains by Vexorum
This is a world of stone and dust. The days are unusually long and hot. The nights equally cold. The air feels heavy and thick, and is eager to rage at you with sudden thunder. This world is dry. Heavy clouds crawl through the valleys. Large, rugged peaks dot the landscape in all directions. The peaks boast brightly colored patches of stone that glisten brilliantly as the sun reluctantly sets. It was a sight so beautiful, I, quite mesmerized, enjoyed it for hours.

You would expect a place such as this to be hostile to life. You would be right. So I was quite surprised to find that I wasn't alone. These dragon-like beings were visiting this world at the same time I was. They were talking to one another, but gave me no more than a few stares. I guess they had visited this place before.


It's one of this kind of painting again! Well, I hope you enjoy it. I've had fun drawing this. Especially the mountains were nice to do. I suppose my anatomy isn't amazing here. But I suppose I was supposed to be more like background decoration in this one. Suppose I had brought a digital camera to take some pictures of this place?! That would have been sweet. Well, supposing I had a camera that could survive in such an environment, anyway.

Thank you for looking. Thank you for reading.

Character & artwork (C) Vexorum
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April 17, 2016
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