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OC Pageant Round 2: Korvin

Round 2 of the TheOC-pageantOfDA! sleepytime wear~

...but who needs sleep? Surely you do! Maybe you should consider trying a slice or two... no? I hear they're pretty good for getting a restful night's sleep.

Korvin's off starting pillow fights with people who won't try his fruit. He's got a nice little baggy of treats for a slumber party, but he's being a little mischievous while carrying along a plushie of his husband. He's got 36 stars on his outfit (not counting the small speckled ones in the galaxy pattern of the inside of his robe and on his vines).
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what a great and fun pose. I really like his sleep wear as well.
rejlan's avatar
This looks so much fun. His shirt is so pretty and the granny cap made me smile xD.  I love, love, love his socks with the anti-slip stars xD
MeganMosier's avatar
PILLOW FIGHT!! I love the stars on the bottom of his socks :D
Lucheek's avatar
Super adorable! I almost feel like I could trust him, ahaha!