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Blood Splatter Brushes

Update: I corrected a small flaw in brush 3.

These are some of my best brushes and you are getting them with no real strings attached. Please just comment or visit my gallery.
These are hand made, in so many ways.
I made a real mess and found out that you can't dry certain fluids in a microwave, they may burn and leave a real bad smell.
Oh one last thing these are PhotoShop Brushes.
Please, please visit. I am giving these brushes away in hopes that you will visit my gallery ...
Please don't make feel like a tool, if you use them let me know I like knowing.
Also if you need industrial/tech flavored stock images check out my stock image account.
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Thank you for the wonderful blood splatter brush! It has helped me significantly! <3
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I used these brushes here: Ren - The Waise . Something tells me I'll use them in other drawings, too... :)
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Nice work. I'm impressed...
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Thank you for these awesome brushes.. :)
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Just letting you know that I have a project in college that requires this set. :) Thanks in advance!
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Hi, I used these brushes here.
Thank you.
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I have used your blood brushes for an art project of mine and it proved very very useful for my class project! Thankyou for making this!! Also, you have a really nice gallery here on deviantart too~
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thank you so much! working on my first digital paintings and this helps a lot!
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How can I download them ??

please answer
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used your brushes here:
EvangelisteUK's avatar
I used part of your brush in this: [link]
emerito1983's avatar
theSong's avatar
I used your stock here: [link]
Hope you like it! :)
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This was used here [link]

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gonna use this in my comic! Thanks for the brushes! I haven't uploaded anything yet though ^^;
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Hello, I used your brushes here:
Thank you very much for sharing them!
theDARLINGashley's avatar
Ah, wonderful brushes. I'll credit you~
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