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[OC] Oikosol Flag VIII

By vexilografia
Idea for an Oikosol flag. Oikosol ( is a recent community dedicated to discussing, developing and sharing sustainable open-source technologies for achieving self-sufficiency.

There are three main colors: white, black and green. White represents peace, while black represents the 
darkness to be overcomed (for example, the unsustainability of our current human societies). The green colour represents sustainability and nature. Therefore, the flag symbolizes how sustainability must be encouraged in other to prevail over the existing darkness. The flag also plays with the shapes, namely convergence (of ideas) in the left side of the flag, and divergence (of technology and solutions) on the right side of the flag.

Compared to previous versions this flag is less "dark" and is also more easily recognizable as well as unique, since it doesn't use any straight lines or bands which are common in many flags.
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