VOTW and VOTM Return!

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vexelove is pleased to announce the return of VOTW and VOTM! :w00t: A poll for the first VOTW will be up shortly, which is for the deviations chosen by the vexelove admin team for the week 1st April - 7th April.

The way this will work, is that polls will be posted with our (the vexelove admin team) choices for VOTW, for you, the members, to vote on. Whichever gets the most votes will become VOTW for that week.

Then, all the winners from the polls over the month will be put into a new poll, and the vector or vexel receiving the most votes on that poll will become our VOTM.

So, without further ado, the vexelove admin team choices for VOTW, 1st - 7th April 2013 :la:

:bulletpink: TheLastHuzzah's Choice:

it's a bird by pazforward
By pazforward

TheLastHuzzah says "because it's so bright and colourful!"

:bulletpink: BDT466's Choice:

The Clockwork Pirateship by ChasingArtwork
By ChasingArtwork

BDT466 says "Brilliant design. The level of detail's incredible!"

:bulletpink: rjonesdesign's Choice:

Coffee cup by RASIX-Designs
By RASIX-Designs

rjonesdesign says "Great looking clean and simple logo and graphics. Pallet and design balance are tight, excellent for a variety of applications, but take a closer look at the art in the steam. I like designs that have more to them that meets the eye, and this one delivers!"

:bulletpink: VAngelLJ's Choice:

like candy color? by yasserian
By yasserian

VAngelLJ says "I like the colour palette and the clean, simple style."

Congratulations to all of you :dummy:
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Great selection! :D :la:
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Awesome choice, glad VOTW & VOTM is back!
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Nice selection there
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Great selections up there guys.
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