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vexelove has returned to its old active self again! While it has remained open for submissions, the group has been somewhat quiet since I left at the end of 2013 due to becoming a parent, but now it's back full throttle!

Mixed Media Folder

There is now a Mixed Media folder in the group to cater to all vector and vexel artists who enjoy using non-vector or non-vexel media in their artwork as well, such as photo-based textures, brushes and delicious thing like that.

Check our updated Submission Guidelines for further information.

VCB & Divided Collabs Return!

Vexelove members can look forward to seeing the return of VCB (Vexelove Crew Battle) and our Divided Collabs, which you guys were all so brilliant at being involved with.

For those of you who are interested in getting involved, keep an eye on the blogs as I'm going to be getting a brand new Divided Collab up soon.

Never seen a Divided Collab? Here's some our members have completed previously...

Vexelove Divided Collab 15 by lilvdzwan Divided Collab 14 by lilvdzwan Divided Collab 13 by lilvdzwan
Divided Collab 12 by lilvdzwan Divided Collab 10 by lilvdzwan Vexelove Divided Collab 9 by lilvdzwan Divided Collab 5 by vexelove Divided Collab 2 by vexelove

I'm also looking to restart VCB once the group is a little more active again (as we really need at least 6 people to be involved in that, but 12+ would be better!) so until that happens, enjoy the group, get involved, and let us know what you'd like to see!

May the Pen Tool be with you :peace:
Group admins are needed asap, who will actually do something, and make the group a proper group again. I have twins now, and I really do not have time to keep the group running on my own, which is essentially what I'm doing. If you can help, comment here.
:new: Number of votes needed for your submissions to be accepted has been decreased to just one. Sorry again for all the expired submissions :hmm: - TheLastHuzzah

Hi all, sorry for the expired submissions. Nothing much I can personally say about that other than sorry on behalf of the group admin team in general.

Please bare with us while we sort the group out.

If you'd like to help out with voting by becoming a group admin, please send a note to the group.

Thank you for your patience.

VotW: Round 3 [July]

Tue Jul 16, 2013, 6:27 AM by BDT466:iconbdt466:
Apologies for the lack of a blog last week. Still ironing out some minor stuff BTS. :)


VotW: Round 1 Winner!

:bulletpink:  vexel girl by Mustafa-Adil

vexel girl by Mustafa-Adil

VotW: Round 2 Winner!

:bulletpink: 3 by sparkleshitoflunes

3 by sparkleshitoflunes


VotW: Round 3

Don't forget to vote!…

:bulletpink: Nearly by maybeitslupus

Nearly by maybeitslupus

:bulletpink: LSS by yuschav


:bulletpink: Rainbow Sparkles by ChewedKandi

Rainbow Sparkles by ChewedKandi

VotW and VotM return!

Tue Jul 2, 2013, 7:50 AM by BDT466:iconbdt466:


A new month, a new format!

That's right, VotW & VotM have changed! Don't fret though, it's [hopefully] for the better. All the fancy new details can be found below.

First though, it's time to announce the new contenders for VotW and the winner for April! :eager:


VotM winner: April

:bulletpink:  Freedom by nellies

Mature Content

Freedom by nellies

Congrats! :iconcheerplz:


VotW: round 1

Don't forget to vote!…

:bulletpink:  vexel girl by Mustafa-Adil

vexel girl by Mustafa-Adil

:bulletpink:  Pring by iamjayz

Pring by iamjayz

:bulletpink:  Portrait by niteenautade

Portrait by niteenautade


So...what's changed?

A few things. Primarily we've changed it so everything's a little more structured and easier to manage. Here's a run-down of the new format.

:bulletpink:  1st - 7th
  • Journal: VotM winner + VotW 1 contenders
  • Poll: VotW 1 contenders

:bulletpink:  8th - 14th
  • Journal: VotW 1 winner + VotW 2 contenders
  • Poll: VotW 2 contenders

:bulletpink:  15th - 21st
  • Journal: VotW 2 winner + VotW 3 contenders
  • Poll: VotW 3 contenders

:bulletpink:  22nd - 28th
  • Journal: VotW 3 winner + VotM contenders
  • Poll: VotM contenders

:bulletpink:  As always, YOU decide who walks away with the title (and who grudgingly pats the winner on the back :P).

:bulletpink:  Each month the winners of the illustrious VotW title will then go forth and fight for contention of the VotM title!

:bulletpink:  VotW winners will forever be immortalised in the vexelove favourites!

:bulletpink:  VotM winners will also have their piece favourited. Oh, and yeah, the VotM folder is featured on the vexelove homepage! :D

If you have any thoughts or suggestions on how we can improve VotW & VotM, please do pop them in the comments down below. :)

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