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Can someone please take this group off my hands? I need the admin spot for other things. Obviously I don't want to close the group, but if no one wants it, then that's exactly what I'll do.
TWO pieces left to claim! Okay, I've extended the collab instead; the new deadline is 28th August instead, so you have 2 and a half weeks to get your vexel/vector piece finished. Hopefully we'll be able to get it done, please pimp this, it will help!


I mentioned a few weeks ago that this was in the plans, and now you need wait no more! Sorry this took me a little while to get to, but life got in the way for a bit, as sometimes happens to us all!

Not sure what a Divided Collab is? Check this blog for some great previous examples...

The collab is open to everyone, whether you're brand new to vexel or vector artwork, or whether you're a pro. You do not need to be a vexelove member to join the collab (but we recommend you join anyway for other fun things!)

This new divided collab features Just For Fun! by Danika-Stock
Just For Fun! by Danika-Stock

Collab Rules:

:bulletpink: You must credit both Danika-Stock and viperdog in the description when you upload your piece, as per the stock artist's rules
:bulletpink: Please also link back to the original image (Just For Fun!) AND to this blog
:bulletpink: You may complete your piece in vexel or vector media, or in mixed-media heavily featuring vexel or vector
:bulletpink: If you use the original stock, please resize it first to 2630px wide by 4000px high before cutting out your piece - the version of the image with the guidelines and numbers on (below) is already this size
:bulletpink: I cannot stress this rule enough: DO NOT RESIZE YOUR PIECE AFTER YOU HAVE FINISHED! It makes it very difficult to piece the final collab together if all the pieces come in at different sizes!

:bulletpink: The deadline by which to have your piece completed is 28th August 2015

The Pieces:

There are 12 pieces in this collab, as laid out here:

just for fun  by danika stock-divcollab-July2015 by VAngelLJ

:bulletpink: Please comment here with the number of the piece you would like to work on! This is first come first serve
:bulletpink: As stated above, do not resize the piece, and please do try to finish it on time
:bulletpink: All styles are welcome - give us anything from hyper-realism to completely abstract and anything in between. As long as it's vexel/vector/mixed media and the pieces all fit together, we're happy

I will be joining (if there are any pieces left), but I'm letting everyone else get first pick of the pieces, because I'm nice that way.


1. Ikue 
2. Schijan
3. Jaejoong
4. sushy00
6. jussta
7. omgitsacat
9. BobTheRanter 
10. Charlene-Art 
11. leomacedo
12. DavidSerret 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask! As soon as you have been given the go-ahead on your chosen piece, you are welcome to get started.

When you've finished your piece, please drop a link in the comments here!

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