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Spinix (New Design 5) by Vex2001
Name: Spinix
Surname: Handbasket
Age: 13-14 
Birthday: 20th of October 
Gender: Malw
Figure: Androgyne
Species: Thingamajig
Height: 90cm or 135cm
Weight: 56kg
Eyes: Violet
Hairs: Violet
Skin: Peach
Cloths: Green scarf, blue t-shirt, red and white shoes...Everything from some warm material
Alignment: Good
Behavior: Acts like silly girl
Personality: Friendly, shy, girly,...
Gender Identity: Genderqueer
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Favorite Food: Marshamallows
Favorite Drink: Hot Chocolate
Likes: Adventures, his friends, challanges, jokes, exploring the world, battles, shopping,...
Dislikes: His enemies, boredom, mess, bacon (But chips with bacon flavor he likes), ham, spiders,mustard...
Parents: Helena (Mother)
Girlfriend: Snow the Cat
Best Friend: Rayfi
Friends: Rabbids and thingamajigs
Enemies: Ales Mansay, Mr.Dark, Bosses, minions of enemies, André, Razorbeard, Dark Rayman
Powers: Gliding with scarf, sliding, punching, powers from Rayman 3 and Blushine (He has similar powers like Super Sonic)

Helena the Nymph was so lonely that she wanted to make Spinix. When she made Spinix so Spinix was naked...Helena gave him clothes from warm materials. Spinix dressed to clothes and gave to Helena kiss on cheek. Helena familiarized Spinix with surroundings. After day, she saved Spinix to bed and gave him some Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows...Spinix drank Chocolate and eat Marshmallows and from this day his favourite food and drink are these things. One day, Helena wanted to visit Betilla so Helena take Spinix. Helena and Betilla wanted to talk so Helena told to Spinix to look around surroundings. He met Rayfi...Rayfi said: Hey! You're cute boy.:D And she presented to other Rayians. But one Rayian Sally told to Spinix that he is ugly...Spinix got angry and they was battling with each other years. But when Spinix grove up so they wasn't enemies anymore.

Spinix was looking around Mountains. He stepped on button which activated doors to hall of one Mountain. He went in, He saw lots of hieroglyphics on end of hall was Blushine Pearl...Spinix looked on it and he said: That's very nice blue ball.:O He took it,but after when he took Blushine Pearl then appeared big rock and Spinix ran from hall,but Blushine Pearl shined and Spinix flew from hall and big rock crashed whole hall and there was only ruins. Spinix was flying in air and he looked at himself that something isn't good...He was shining and he was blue. He told to himself that Pearl has to have some magic power, he land on ground, he stop shining and he said: I will take it. It will help me with battles. And he has it to this day and when is some big idiot so he will use Blushine Pearl.

Girlfriend: WIP!

Thank you so much to :icongreenysolitare: to help with Backstory.^^
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void-af Featured By Owner Edited Sep 17, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol. Sally can be a really MEAN girl :XD:

Girlfriend soon? But you said 'Snow the cat' :?
Vex2001 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't have ideas for backstory of girlfriend.^^; So here is Girlfriend soon,but I will change it to WIP.
void-af Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ohhh.. wait you mean ex girlfriend? Cause as i told you you already wrote Snow the cat so
Vex2001 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
No, I don't have idea to write backstory about Spinix and Snow the Cat.
void-af Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Vex2001 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
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