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Fighting Spinix by Vex2001
[x] - Is your character a Rayian? (Yes, of course. You're seeing picture, no?!)

[ ] - Is your character a hybrid? (For example: Rayman/cat or dog mix)

[ ] - Is your character a mix of 3 or more species?

[/] - Is your character really thin? (torso thinner than the head) (He is thin like girl.)

[ ] - Does your character sport a large chest?

[ ] - Was your character made by Betilla?

[ ] - Was your character made by Mr. Dark?

[ ] - Was your character created by Polokus?

[ ] - Is your character related to Rayman or Raymesis in any way?

[x] - Is your character friends with all of the people in the Rayman Universe? (Almost all.)

[ ] - Is your character hated by all the people in the Rayman Universe?

[/] - Is your character really powerful? (Aka, could they beat Rayman or anyone in the Glade in a fight?) (Yes, he is powerful like Super Sonic and he can beat also Bill Cipher.)

[ ] - Is your character an angel, God/Goddess, or some supernatural being?

[ ] - Is your character able to create beings like Betilla, Mr. Dark and Polokus?

[ ] - Is your character in a romantic relationship with Rayman/Raymesis?

[ ] - Do Rayman/Raymesis get lovesick over said OC?

[ ] - Does your OC have children with Rayman/Raymesis?

[x] - Is your character an adventurer? (Yes, He is!)

[ ] - Is your character royalty?

[ ] - Was your character royalty at some point?

[ ] - Does your character have “Ray” in the name?

[ ] - Has one or more of their parents died?

[ ] - Is your character considered to be a rare species?

[x] - Is any part of them considered to be rare? (this includes hair/fur color, heterochromia, wings, clothing, powers, weapons, and etc) (Yes, Blushine Pearl and Tattos.)

[ ] - Are they considered to be the “chosen one” along side Rayman?

[/] - Is your character always happy almost all of the time? (One day, he had heart and he was crying that he doesn't have friends.)

[/] - Are they considered to be wise? (unless they’re fairly old, you shouldn’t be checking this one :)) (He is a bit wise.)

[ ] - Do they control a certain element? (If you mean some powerful item so yes, his Blueshine Pearl.)

[ ] - Has your character killed someone?

[ ] - Is your character evil?

[ ] - Is your character part demon?

[ ] - Does your character have a hoodie like Rayman’s?

[ ] - Does your character have hair like Rayman’s? (unless they are related, they shouldn’t have hair like his)

[x] - Does your character know the majority or all of the people in the Rayman world? (Yes, He knows.)

[ ] - Is your character weak only until they get angry? (Nope!)

[ ] - Is your character always mean or angry? 

[ ] - Is your character considered to be “highly important” to the people of the Rayman world?

[/] - Does your character not have any weaknesses? (He has some weaknesses,but I don't know what weaknesses.^^;)

[ ] - Does your character have a really obscure name? (Only check this if there is no reason behind the foreign name)

[x] - Does your character use Light Magic? (Yes, He uses.)

[/] - Does your character use Dark Magic? (Sometimes, He uses them.^^;)

[x] - Does your character have special tattoos? (ones that aren’t just regular tattoos for show) (Spirals?)

[ ] - Does your character have a tragic backstory?

[/] - Does your character sing? (You would not believe how many singer OCs are actually in this fandom) (Yes, He is singing a bit.^^)

[/] - Does your character sleep with two or more characters? (Sometimes.)

[x] - Has your character befriended a villain even though your character is a good guy? (Yes, He is friend with Rabbids.:D)

[/] - Do they have any flaws? (Maybe?)

[ ] - Has your character ever been petty, selfish, lazy, or pointlessly cruel for no other purpose than that it was convenient for him/her, even though they are supposed to be a good guy?

[/] - Does your character win all the fights they get into? (Almost all.)

[ ] -  Does this character look much younger than he actually is? (For example, he might be a 300-year-old that looks 20)

[ ] - Does your character have a “long lost relative”?

[/] - Does your character have problems with authority figures? (For example: their parents, bosses, police, royalty or any other higher ups) (Yes?)

[x] - Does this character speak more than 3 languages? (Yes, He can speak Czech, Slovak, Polish, Russian and English.)

[/] - Is your character notably good looking to most people? (Idk. Maybe, yes. Tell me if you're thinking that he looks good.^^)

[ ] - Is this character ever raped or tortured? 

[/] - Does the character make any moral decisions that people will probably disagree with? (Idk.)

[/] - Does this character consider his talents and/or abilities a curse? (I don't understand you a bit.)

[/] - Can this character polymorph or otherwise change species? (Idk,but maybe, yes.^^)

[ ] - Is this character the last survivor of anything? (Common examples include a species, family, town or civilization) 

[ ] - Are they from a completely different fandom, but live in the Rayman fandom?

Score: 16,5

There’s 60 questions. Point is, if a lot of these questions (or even just 20 of them can be enough to make it a sue) have been checked off and don’t have a proper explanation, your character needs all the work it can get.

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ClaireAimee Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
I had no idea Rayman had so many terrible OC's. Until I did some more research...and the suffering began...
CharmmyColour Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
All fandoms need one like this! Seriously, really good test.

Your character it's a little Mary Sue, but he can get better with some work. Actually, I was in the exact same stop a while ago with a character of mine. It was hard to fix her, but also a lot of fun!
Dumuzink Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2016
If he has flaws he isn't a Mary Sue, as Mary Sues are suppoused to be perfect flawless characters pretty much.
g-urfa Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist

[ nah, theres other versions of mary sues

the 'i do everything wron : (((( ' mary sue
the 'im a meme w/ no personality ' mary sue
our normal mary sue


' im so weak.... /beats up bill cipher./]
Dumuzink Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2016
Actually the definition of a Mary Sue is what I stated above, of course nowdays is used as a insult towards any character immature hatebrats use towards any character they hate, which gets very annoying to say the least.. 

Having bad luck doesn't make someone a Mary Sue, real people have problems like that.. 

Some people don't know their own strength tbh.. :/
g-urfa Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist

i said 'other versions' not 'YOURS IS WRONG@@@@'

nah, theres a diffrence between bad luck and knocking over every single thing and being all 'desu....sorry >/////<  /breaks vase for the 50th time/ '

overkill, man.

Dumuzink Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2016
I was saying what the origin of the term meant, people use it for other things. I don't think anyone says 'desu' like that though..I spill my coffee a lot tbh though.. You'd be suprised but some people can be very clumsier then people think. ^^; Not accused you of the above though, no offense, but don't jump to conclusions. The misuse of Mary Sue being used for things it isn't gets annoying though. 
Skyfallheart12 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2016  Professional General Artist
Is he a mary sue or not?
Vex2001 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Skyfallheart12 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2016  Professional General Artist
Good :3
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