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When is maybe December 7th so we are going to buy gifts for relatives and making gingerbreads,but we don't have to eat that into Christmas,because we won't see Golden Pig (Dinner on Christmas Eve)...We don't celebrate Christmas in December 25th,but in December 24th...When Christmas is coming for few days so we are decorating Christmas tree and instead of stars, we are most often putting this on treetop. Spicky na Strom by Vex2001And we are packing gifts. When is Christmas Eve so we aren't celebrate it in morning,but in evening/night. When is evening, we are going to table and as first we are eating soup and after we are eating Carp or Wiener Schnitzel and when we look under plate so we can get Carp Scale for Luck or coins. When we finished eating of food so we are wishing to each other to be here in next year and so. Then we are going to Christmas tree and we are singing Christmas Carols like "Národil se Kristus Pán veselme se!" or "Ježíšku Pánačku" and so. When here are kids so they are going to theirs rooms and when someone doesn't ring with bell so they can't go to Christmas tree. And than we are unpacking gifts and If you don't know what would be good for the relatives so buy them socks and they will be still happy. And that's all what I can say about Czech/CzechoSlovak Christmas.
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Submitted on
December 8, 2016