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I would be glad if you supported my friend :iconst34msux:, maybe he doesn't have a lot of art on his profile but he will draw something. Don't worry.
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Hangouts: W33B W33D





Discord: VEXIK#7573


I also have other websites but I don't use them so much like Instagram or Tumblr.
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I wish you all Happy New Year 2018, a lot of luck, health, money, less of depressions and so on.^^ Snowman fella- Happy new year (Messages) Snowman fella- Happy new year (Messages) Snowman fella- Happy new year (Messages) Cuddles: Fireworks Cuddles: Fireworks Cuddles: Fireworks Animation md Happy New Year 1 Animation md Happy New Year 1 Animation md Happy New Year 1 

And to all people from Orthodox Countries like Russia, Merry Christmas!

I wish you a lot of presents, food, being with your relatives, love, luck health and so on too.^^
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Merry Christmas to all! I wish you lot of presents, food, being with your relatives, love, luck, health and so on! Merry christmas everybodyChristmas avatar Christmas Emote Merry Christmas :D Christmas Carol Two Christmas Christmas Tree Merry Christmas - fella (Universe) Christmas Carol Christmas Tree Avi Spongebob (Happy Happy Xmas) Patrick (Happy Happy Xmas) Santa fella (Universe) Candy Cane Animation md Merry Christmas 2 Black Rainbow Candy Cane Nee-to Secret Santa Gift Mistletoe Animation md Merry Christmas and Best Wishes F2U | Purple Candy Cane Icon 

I'm wishing you Merry Christmas today because in my place Christmas are on December 24th in evening.^^;

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I have B-Day in December 14th but you don't have to make pic for me or something...You can just tell me something in comments on my profile and everything will be fine.^^
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Support those amazing ppl :iconkuby64: :iconreddulge: :iconalpha1545: :iconalinh1296: :icondarkmegafan01: :iconmddbrandon12: :icon9thheroinkling: :iconoctobluemaddie: :iconthecriticalkidd: :iconophelliaofficial: :iconruiyabi: :iconmoltenos: :iconpaw1999: :iconbrianjacksonii: :iconlenny-ferret: :iconfleewaysonic46: :icondarkdowknight: :iconaskthecalamaricrew: :iconmoven1226: :iconleapinglizards27: :iconempresstilly: :iconitssocreamy: :iconseantheinkling: :iconblueflameocean18: :icondylsdyls-chan: :iconkameronthe1: :iconalex12357: :iconkate-agent3: :iconfluffyfox99: :iconsuperdes513: :iconfnafplayer64: :icontigerfishaori: :iconbritheinkling: :iconmr-splathunter: :iconalonsoa1102: :iconaxellebomber: :iconrickgaming: :iconxdmario: :iconsjaypl: :iconwilliam464: :iconorangesquidkid: :iconmemirose: :iconbravebravesirbrian: :iconeliteface640: :iconbenji52: :iconsonamyfan3000: :icon123emilymason: :icontomato127: :iconzacksonic123: :iconkinnaskit10: :iconmrjossman3: :iconszabolcs-radar: :iconbrokennooby64: :iconcurtthebard21: :iconcollinftw: :iconbenmarcgold: :icontrying-to-draw: :iconfederxblue: :icon31darkstar: :iconpokemariofan14: :iconjohnny-inkling: :iconhuntgbunt: :iconshadow72154: :iconblueflamecatwolf: :iconflooforiley: :iconmiss-cerena: :iconplusmann: :iconorangeinklingknight:.
They are friendly (some of them) and they have really awesome arts and pics from Gmod, Source Filmmaker and Splatoon Game.^^ Sorry that I'm not showing any art but I had lot of work with writting their usernames.^^;
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Please leave her alone. She is feeling unconfortable.
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I'm drawing only Inkling OCs, so if you have Inkling OC, so send me link of reference of your Inkling OC and tell me her/his name.^^

You can have traditional or digital art and you can have only one OC but I can't shade because I didn't learn that yet.

But if you want request, so I don't draw any Hate Art and hugging, sitting , kissing poses because I'm not good at drawing poses and I don't draw NSFW.^^;


1. :iconmoonpaw-of-shadclan: Haruka's ref Done!



Spinix's Speed: He is fast like Rayman but with Blueshine Form he can fly at speed of light.

Spinix's Attack Potency: When he is charging his fist, so he can send anyone to another planet like Rayman when he sent Ales to another planet. [link]

Spinix's Lifting Strenght: Same as Ray...Can't lift almost anything but with Blueshine Form he can lift small buildings.

Spinix's Striking Strenght: ???

Durability: He can survive fall from cosmos and he can survive in cosmos without oxygen.

Stamina: His stamina is 2 times lower than Rayman's.

Range: He can jump dozens of meters like Rayman but with Blueshine Form he can fly how he wants.

Standard Equipment: Blueshine Pearl, Power Fists, Laser Washing Powders and Blue Glove Projectiles.

Weaknesses: His limbs are easily detachable, the Laser Washing Powders all have time limits, he can't stay in Blueshine Form for long time.

Blueshine Form: He can control earth, water, fire and air like Toph, Katara, Zuko and Aang but he can't feel movements on ground, he can heal himself but he need to stay on place, he can throw balls which can explode when they touch someone or something and It can destroy whole city.
Support those amazing ppl :iconmistermrx: :icontheorangediamond: :iconcutecurvymichelle: :iconcherryxmilo: :icongonchiarts: :iconclaire-petal-splash: :iconxx-classy-hedgie-xx: :iconphatpandapo23: :iconspardanger: :icontee3015: :iconalexandraartsy: :iconkaziroqq-im: :iconnastyalapka: :iconkasyana-chan: :iconmorshute: :iconraymccall-erronblack: :iconmisscomrade: :iconxxmadalice59xx: :iconsarahsuz: :iconmusicmind7: :iconxmangle666: :iconxxmeloria-moniquexx: :iconjosinatorarts: :iconxxmadamexmonaxx: :iconsonja-germanova: :iconmushy-sugar-chan: :iconepiclina: :iconwerahatake: :iconced145: :iconmariascurra: :iconjennyrichardblakina: :iconnathandlneumann: :iconloverlurayman: :iconmrmimgrim: :iconmilesthecreator: :iconmcminetube: :iconkittymery:...They have really cool pictures and they are all nice ppl.^^ I would be glad if you gave them watch, fave, llama, points or something.^^;
Claire-Petal-Splash 2 by Claire-Petal-Splashlego bendy minifig by TheOrangeDiamondCFC Ideas: Bendy vs Mama Tattletail by MisterMrXnew selfie gif 46 by Cutecurvymichelle~ by CherryxMiloCan I Kill You?? by GonchiArtsClassy and her morning coffee by xX-Classy-Hedgie-XxMy first silver the hedgehog drawing by PhatPandaPo23Spar likes jumprope Redux by SparDangermy lil flower queen~ by AlexandraArtsyHelp Me plz :V by kaziroqq-imShe's here. by NastyaLapkaTDA Miku Gin Kaminari costume (All updates) by Kasyana-ChanNeko Japanball by MorshuteHappy Pride Month: Bisexual Me by RayMcCall-ErronBlack- Square dance - by KittyMeryxX Creepypasta o.c: Dark writer Xx by xXMadAlice59XxNow I'm 14! by sarahsuzStay by MusicMind7Kinky Stuff by xmangle666Sellina by xXMeloria-MoniqueXxCurvy Body by JosinatorArtsLy the Fairy by xxmadamexmonaxxDrawing sample for a school project by Mushy-Sugar-ChanWera Hatake training clothes :D by WeraHatakeMagic Ced by Ced145
Me Round like a ball  by MariascurraSara and Sophie side by side (REMAKE) by JennyRichardBlakinaRayman chronicles boss: Queen magma  by nathandlneumannShy Fire by LoverLuRaymanElen by MrMimGrimPracticing anatomy #10 by MilesTheCreatorMCMineTube New PP (June 2017) by MCMineTube
I would be glad if you watched, gave faves or llamas to :iconarminius1871:.:) He is really cool guy who is making really goody professional maps, countryballs, photos and flags. And no! He isn't that what you think he could be! He is just interested about German History,etc.
Made in Greater Germany by Arminius1871Die Wacht am Rhein Ball by Arminius1871Alternate prussian flag by Arminius1871Proclamation of the German Empire as countryballs by Arminius1871Greater german flag idea by Arminius1871Countryball tutorial for Photoshop by Arminius1871Dr. Ludwig by Arminius1871Dr Ludwig by Arminius1871It is Anschlusstime by Arminius1871Teutonic Order Ball by Arminius1871Spongebob Rhein border meme by Arminius1871Pear by Arminius1871You call this unity by Arminius1871
Tagged by :iconlovekiarrra:.:D

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about.
4. Post their avatars and write the characters' names next to them.


1. Kicky is 16-18 years old.

2. He is 25cm highter than Bendy.
3. He is very agressive if he get mad by someone who is provoking him or something.

4. He is neutral. That means that he is on side of Hendry or Bendy.

5. He has fast hits when he is punching.

6. When he punches so he can destroy full Animation Studio of Bendy. To make this move he need to charge his fist but charging takes him less of time than Rayman.

7. He can make almost same moves like Kao the Kangaroo, Knuckles and Rayman together.

8. When he is charging his fist so he can make flames with that when he punchs.

I tag:

1. :iconnastyalapka: Nastya

2. :iconmiss-cerena: Prim

3. :iconsarahsuz: Sarah

4. :iconrayxim: Daniela

5. :iconniekurzakova: Rayfi

6. :iconlocalscum: Victor the Spider

7. :icongriff-on: Farer

8. :iconkillmanpl: Maxim

You don't have to do that. It's not required.
Go and watch those ppl :iconnatalihollywood: :iconniekurzakova: :iconmichalkastara: :iconrayxim: :iconwizardocz: :iconchrissydrawscz: :iconk0rdycz: :iconkillmanpl: :iconslejdycz: :iconlittle-blublu: :iconlocalscum: :iconmargaret7855778: :iconbaccizoof: :iconellie97x3: :iconmountain-soda: :iconkayla-the-werewolf: :icongeorgeempy: :iconceskymicek: :icongriff-on: :iconm0chizu: :iconriverwho: :iconk-h-2:! I would be glad if you gave them some watch, faves,etc. :) They are really good ppl with really good arts.^^
Quick Beauty  - new OC by NataliHollywoodYou spin me right round - Farer by Griff-onFor Earth! by RayximNew Look by M0chiZuCZ by KillManPlPolandball Map of Karlovy Vary Region by CeskyMicekFirst anthro drawing: Penguin soldier by GeorgeEmpy:PC: - so many wonders by Little-BluBlu+ 727 + by Ellie97x3Gddggd by BacciZoofI am bored.... by SlejdyCZU hurt my friends by K0rdyCZ(Collab w/dana220) DID YOU SEE THAT?! by ChrissyDrawsCZGraffiti sketch for Vex2001  by WIZARDOCZMe, Star and Alexei as Country Balls by michalkastaraHappy Baru GIF (?) by Kayla-The-Werewolfmestapo by LocalScumCloud And Tifa icon Final Fantasy 7 by NiekurzakovaBoop! by RiverWho
How about a Wumpa? by K-H-2

gastronome by LocalScum#gourmand 
Go and watch those ppl :iconarminius1871: :iconimplo: :iconhue2018: :icondisney08: :iconprincessofvernon: :iconryanandradedeabreu: :iconmistermrx: :iconphatpandapo23: :iconrobot972: :icongonchiarts: :iconlordelpresidente: :iconjessica345:! They have really cool and I have to tell you professional arts.^^ I would be glad if you gave them watch, some fave, llama, etc.
Blue Whale isn't some game but It's group on (Russian Facebook) full of Suicidal Kids from Russia and It isn't so new...It's 5 years old this drama when some Kids from Russia were commiting the suicides, the curators were just admins of the group that were telling to kids to make tasks on camera (I think. Idk I was watching this video.…), kids were making suicide because not of fear that some guys from Dark Web will come to them and kill their parents but that they wanted to make the suicides from theirselfs and that curators who are on FB, Insta or Idk where are just fake curators. And here in my country, Slovakia and maybe Poland It's end of this drama. And if you don't belive me here are our newspaper.…
Go and watch :iconlocalscum:! He has very funny and cool arts and he is really cool guy.Chica is a Boss (Chat Icon)  He deserves some support.
Give him some fave, watch, points, llamas and so on.
pychalka by LocalScumepic story of Mychalka part 1 by LocalScumhobbie by LocalScummestapo by LocalScummexican whore by LocalScummarch partner ACEO by LocalScum
Was sunny day on N.Sanity Island, Seagulls were laughting, crabs were going to sea and Crash was playing with sand on beach and eating Wumpas and Aku Aku were relaxing.

A few kilometers from Crash and Aku Aku on beach were Yooka and Laylee...They were finding Pagies.

Yooka: Laylee? Don't you see any Pagie here?

Laylee: No, I don't.

They were walking around and finding Pagies but then someone threw net on them and that somone were Tribesmen from Papu Papu.

Boss of Team of Tribesmen:
This is really good catch. I hope that Papu Papu will eat Chameleon and Bat.

When they catched Yooka and Laylee so they were going to village and Yooka and Laylee were screaming about help.
Aku Aku heard that and he told to Crash to help them so they were going to village and Yooka and Laylee were in cage.

Papu Papu: WoW! Those will be yummy.

Crash with Aku Aku ran to village and Crash was fighting with Tribesmen, he defeated them all but Papu Papu took his stick, he was rotating with that stick and hitting with it on ground...Crash were jumping on his head and then he also defeated him. He broke cage where were Yooka and Laylee and Crash made them free.

Yooka: Thanks for saving us! If you weren't here so we would be dead.

Laylee: Yeah we appreciate it very much.

Crash: Hee Hee! *smile*

Aku Aku:
Don't you want to go to our home? Night will be here for some minutes.

Yooka: It wouldn't be so bad.
First 10 people to comment will get 3 pieces featured here. The catch is once you are featured you have to do a journal as well featuring me and 3 pieces of my work that you like as the 1st feature. Comment something you like about the three pieces as a short description.

1. :iconxal-artsx: I've Been Through Enough  by xAl-ArtsxPastels and Stars by xAl-Artsx Alexander Bounce Chibi by xAl-Artsx-Bootiful drawings...I'm envying your art but in good way.^^
2. :iconwerahatake:  Zephyr Mystery (rq) :3 by WeraHatake Cini Minis (gift) :3 by WeraHatake Plant (gift) :3 by WeraHatake-You're making very bootiful pictures.^^ You're PRO! B) Keep it up! ^^
3. :InkingSky:  Sexy Skyfall by InkingSky Thank you for 200 watchers!!! by InkingSky Flower of Virginity  by InkingSky-I like your pictures so much.*w* I wish I could draw like you. You have so adorable and neat pics.:)
Go and watch my friends :iconsonicaimblu19: and :iconray-wind:.^^ Those two are really good friends and they deserve some support so go and watch them and give them faves, some good comments and so on.^^ Thanks.