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Sands of Fargertt tutorial

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Thank You Vetrova.....
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Спасибо огромное за обалденный тьюториал!
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Клево! Спасибо за туториал :)
Последний шаг добавил самый шарм картинке
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Thank you very much.
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wow thank you for this fantastic tutorial.  I was always afraid of trying something like this, but I can see the merit of starting out with Sketchup.  Awesome.
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Очень круто! Спасибо!
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Your first version with just the blue rocks looked already appealing and nice, but it had a bit of just random alien planet building-stuff-feel(which is nothing bad), while the sand and yellow tones gave it really uniqueness. Me as the viewer can really feel there must be a story behind it. Great work! And nice to see the process, so thanks for sharing! 
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color and lighting and atmosphere. Perfect!
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Amazing. Just... amazing work.
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thanks for sharing! 
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Спасибо, весьма толково. Похоже тоже надо начать юзать скетчап.
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ну вот для перспективы вообще самое то, я оценила удобство работы по болванке
правда пока только для таких кубов и геометрических тел
надо дальше потренироваться
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Nice, this is helpful to me :) I have been wanting to try SketchUp and have heard pretty good things. I think your environment turned out great.
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This is awesome! I've never tried painting over a base for my artwork.
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for me it was for a first time)
helps with perspective a lot
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You make that look so easy, realy like the sandy enviroment.
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