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Harley Queen

Relax and paint villains
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Love it! Would totally buy prints if I could
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I can print and send it
it will costs ~20-25$ depends of shipping price
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dimensions? paper? Shipping from where?
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~ 35cm (13 inches i suppose) at longest side
paper.. uuum I don't remember what paper it was ( recently I send some print to Canada), but it's ~ 200-250g/m2, pretty nice paper I would say
and shipping from Russia, of course. But it's just airmail without any tracking number.

It's not like I have my print factory) I just print stuff sometimes for people who request it.
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no problem, simply curious, honestly I would prefer a bigger print but I do truly enjoy this piece so that would be fine
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I can print in bigger, just no idea about the price of it :D I can figure it out later
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i'm thinking at least 17 inches on the longest side so when you have a figure let em know and we can start the transaction :-)
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She is quite disturbing.
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Great. Beautiful enough to kiss, but far too scary to - it might be the last thing you ever do!
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Знаешь что мне особо понравилось с этой картинкой? Конечно кроме образцого вырисованого лица, красок, композиции. Мне понравилось то, что Харли на портрете совершенно не сексуализирована. Из неё ты не сделала порномодели, как обычно делается. Из неё ты просто изобразила эту психованную телку, убийцу и грабителя. И вышло охрененно.
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спасибо, очень приятный коммент
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i'm totally gonna write a fanfic about this!
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Excellent I love this!
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Very awesome Harley Quinn drawing.  :D
oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
Definitely paint villains ;)
 It's always good when you post more!
 Keep up the fantastic work
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Villains is the best)
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Harley, so beautiful!
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