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December 30, 2016
Corvo by Vetrova features an incredible contrast of colors that makes the figure pop out of the background in a fantastic way.
Featured by TsaoShin
Suggested by lovelessdevotions
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for Dishonored fanart contest

Wallpaper here…
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Is there a way to get this as a wallpaper for my phone?

Automnn's avatar
I love it so much !! 😍
Maspez's avatar
Amazing work!!!!
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Is there a place I could order this as a print?  Or do you happen to have a larger resolution that we could print out?

Years later this is still one of my favorite character portraits I've ever seen
Vetrova's avatar
I can't send you hires image, but I can send you print, but it's gonna be a bit expensive with shipping and everything
tegix62's avatar
I'm interested in ordering a print, how much do you think it will be?

I'm also low on funds this month so I'll get back to you a few weeks from now if you're still available
atmosc's avatar
Это прекрасно! 
RandomDigiArtist's avatar
AMAZING!!! You're ao talented O.O
TheCreed-97's avatar
This is absolutely incredible, any chance of turning this into a wallpaper?
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link on wallpaper in description
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Very cool! I love the background colors, they really make the image stand out and are beautiful on their own =D
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Bethesda has a way with making awesome games!
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There's something really satisfying about the colors in this image.
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