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Nena Extrema (full Qromean name: Nena Maura Lanei Eqsitrema)

The first upload of Nena! =) I'll include a little bio for this girl!

Nena's little bio

Escaping a maths lecture because you understand nothing of it? Escaping, just because you like to escape? Then you might be like Nena! This girl can be called a master in disappearing. Or letting things disappear, for that matter. You see, this girl is also a fan of stealing borrowing things. Unfortunately, she does end up in jail sometimes, but her best friend Citurly is able to pay her out convince the guards that she has done nothing wrong.

Nena is not all shady, however! She's an inventor as well (which is odd considering she doesn't like maths whatsoever). She likes to craft bombs. Even though people can normally not do that, she has permission (usually) as she knows various construction companies. In her free time, she likes to make art (and street art illegally) and she sells her art as well. Being born in the mountain of Taqla, in the cold south, she is a member of several mountain exploring agencies. She's quite renowned for her work and discoveries.

Nena's best friend is Citurly, but she also hangs out with Bommy, Ferdinanto and Frits to play video games. And, lastly, she really admires Ritsy for his invention skills. 

That's it again! =D You'll see the next Miwes member next week!

See you next time,

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