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Frits Coramito (full Qromean name: Frîts Freei Radèm Qorramito)

This is the first upload of Frits and the last Miwes member to be revealed! :D As always, I'll include a little bio for Frits.

Frits's little bio

Frits is a huge fan of racing and he is a experienced driver himself. He participates in several motor racing events and demolition derbies. He partakes in most events, whether large or small, registered or unregistered. Frits is not particularly open about these activities however. Curvo, Nena and Ritsy supply Frits's materials mostly. Especially Ritsy and Frits have common ground here, as they are both interested in the more technical aspects of racing.

Like Curvo and Ritsy, Frits is also from Qromadea. He comes from Garesto, a small rural and deserted town from the island of Neinto of the province of Llega. Besides racing, Frits also likes sports a lot. He usually competes with Ferdinanto. Frits likes athletics, badminton, swimming and tennis in particular. Often, he plays badminton with Citurly, Ferdinanto and Gantaar. Frits also likes playing video games, especially with Bommy and Dubycat.

Frits has a very easy-going personality and he can be considered the wisest of all Miwes. Although Ritsy has more knowledge, Frits has more wisdom. Like Citurly, he is interested in biology. He is also interested in philosophy and rhetoric. Frits's best friends are Citurly and Ferdinanto. In addition, he gets along very well with Dubycat, Gantaar and Ritsy.

See you next time,

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