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The Ocean Blue

By Vethonwen
The sea's foamy spray
The clouds vast and gray
Sunshine struggling to get through
To shine down on the ocean blue
Glimmering on the waves of old
To reveal a beauty untold
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© 2008 - 2021 Vethonwen
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dancingstars7's avatar
I used this wonderful piece here : [link]

and gave you credit <3 Thank you for the image.
sunriseATnight's avatar
AuchanVriconella's avatar
hello,,may i use this on my artwork??
i will write ur name on the artwork (credit)..
Vethonwen's avatar
Hi! That is no problem at all if you want to use it =] Go right ahead.
AuchanVriconella's avatar
thank you ^^
here's the art XD = [link]
This is a magnificent photo.
SpottyDomino's avatar
Wow. I'm speechless. The best picture I've ever seen.
TheDeviantIndigo's avatar
I wish I could of been there to see that view, so pretty :heart:
V1V14N0hh's avatar
This is gorgeous and it's featured in my shoutboard! :D
Vethonwen's avatar
Hehe thanks so much :hug:
xlnt89's avatar
Nice blue tones! And I really like the reflection you got off the water too
Vethonwen's avatar
Thank you =] I got lucky. It was a horribly gloomy and rainy day, and I managed to get this during the few minutes the sun peeked out
PixieDust01's avatar
Wow! Amazing colours here, I love the blues. The mountains contrast really well against the deep blue sky. Great shot! :+fav:
Vethonwen's avatar
=] thanks. I feel really lucky to live near such extraordinary mountains ^^
PixieDust01's avatar
It looks so beautiful, I'd love to go there :)
Vethonwen's avatar
Hehe it's so beautiful until it snows 11+ inches and gets to -15 degrees X_X

Ah but yes I agree it is beautiful =]
PixieDust01's avatar
:laughing: But it makes a great shot eh? ;)
Vethonwen's avatar
Razzaxxe's avatar
Gorgeous, congratulations! Such a deep shade of blue.
Vethonwen's avatar
arcane-eponym's avatar
Wow beautiful shot~ I lvoe the contrast and the colours are just magnficient ^__^
Vethonwen's avatar
Thank you =] It was hard to get it really bright because it was so gloomy and cloudy out but I'm glad it came out pretty good ^^
arcane-eponym's avatar
Ahaha all that hard work paid off ^__^ Its beautiful ^_^
ghettoromeo's avatar
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