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This is a concept for a padded undergarment for the folded-over suits used in some of my doggy-drawings. Prolonged posture is still a problem since the blood flow to the outer limbs is limited, and the feet unfortunatley don't fold this nicely and aesthetically flat onto the buttocks. It nevertheless is an enticing sight seeing your subject fixed in this "Bondage in Motion"-style and moving 'heel' on a leash on your side.
To my delight one year after this sketch Insex engineered one, though from rubber, and as a stand-alone-item.
Drawing was done with Edding 0.5mm and black Copic Marker, background colouration and inversion of lettering via Photoshop.
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As real as someone makes it... ;)
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Is... This... REAL?!?!Waaaah! 
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You wouldn't At all mind if I ask a friend of mine to bring this beautiful creation of yours to life would you? ; v ;

It's just to perfect not to.
I have never seen a better design for such devices
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By all means, give it a try! That's why I draw this concept.
Insex tried it one year later, 2003, in latex ("stumped"), looked good. ;)
But be aware there's the problem with the feet sticking out...
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I've seen something like this in a manga called "Nana to kaoru"
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Yes - and they heightened the forelegs and added bigger padding to elbows and joints... but the hands were quite free to move around.
if you add a sort quick release velcro for back and forth use alowing few moments for blood flow and back to work and feet can be turned into sort of handle or hook device for hanging upside down
One word: Kickstarter.
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Monkey see, monkey do. I love this as a means of restraint!
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very like。
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what is the name of the accessorie where can I buy it?
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That's actually a really good idea. Nice design!
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This is great! :3
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Looks like fun.
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Really nice, doctor.
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Cool concept & execution.
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