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Warning by izzyabplzTHIS GROUP HAS BEEN CLOSED Warning by izzyabplz

In Spring 2020, DeviantArt experienced a major layout change known as “Eclipse” in an attempt to modernize the site. However, along with its many accessibility issues it also failed to implement groups in this new layout, leaving them with the old legacy layout and no word of when they would be updated to match Eclipse — if they would be implemented into it at all. 

Between major layout glitches caused by this, and group messages no longer giving the group admins any notifications, running groups became increasingly difficult.  the huge negative impact of the Covid-19  and my own lack of free time, with a heavy heart I had to conclude the vetehi species as a group had run its course. While the species itself is not “discontinued” as the lore will still be available and I myself will still create them for my own works, the general group and species activities have ceased.  

Here is what you need to know:

  • MYO vetehi will be accepted for as long as there are unused slots. There is no need to worry about slots expiring.

  • Edits will still be accepted to both premade designs and MYO designs.

  • Masterlist will continue to be updated

  • You can still submit vetehi art to the group

  • This group and its information will stay up for as long as this site will allow it. I’ll continue to keep the vetehi lore online even if dA one day decides to nuke groups completely.

  • The lore will likely continue to receive cosmetic changes as I keep improving as a writer. There will probably not be major changes, and aside from the design related rules the lore is still as optional as it has always been.

  • The only ways to receive a vetehi is through MYO/adopt resales, trades and gifts. 

NOTICE: Since I no longer receive group notifications, it might take me a while to reply to messages and approve art. To ensure your messages will be answered and art submitted, please message me directly at xCastra 

I would like to thank all the people who showed support to the species, and the people who still continue enjoying their vetehi — it’s been an honor to have such a friendly and creative community as my first closed species experience, and I’m excited to see the stories people will continue to make for their characters!



Clarifications and answers

What will happen to the species?

I will still continue using it for my own personal projects, so even though the group is closed and the community aspect now limited to selling, gifting and trading, it’s by no means a “dead” species. 

Do I still have to follow the group rules with my designs?

Yes. This is to ensure there will be no inflation of prices or malicious misconduct in selling/trading. It’s also to make sure any potential new owners will know the character is part of a species with rules and regulations, so they can make a more informed decision in whether they wish to purchase/accept the design or not. 

Can I edit my vetehi to have different trait rarities now that the species no longer operates?

No. Just like with the previous answer, this is likewise to ensure there will be no unfair inflation of prices or other foul play. 

Can I void my species from the group?

Message me and we can discuss it. I’m not opposed to the idea, but due to various guest designers, species-specific traits, and MYO designs, these all must be handled on a case-by-case basis. 

For the sake of transparency, my general statement is that voiding can be a possibility, but all the designs must be altered so that the most prominent species traits are no longer present. This means that at the very least all the details tied to the gem rarity (with the exception of eyes) must be removed, as I consider this the most prominent part of the species. Certain fin and tail types are also included in this due to their shape being a species default and not a feature that in itself exists in real life as a direct 1:1 visual comparison. 

In general though, unless the design is your own MYO you drew and designed yourself, keeping the design tied to the species or parting with it altogether may be a more simple option in most cases. 

Will you still be selling vetehi designs?

My initial plan was to do so, but upon considering it more I have decided to refrain from creating and selling them at least for now. There is a slight chance of me reviving the species in the future with a revamped trait list and general appearance, so I prefer closing this first batch of the species for good. 

If you’re going to revive the species, what will happen to the old designs? 

If I do end up reviving it, these new designs will be considered as their own thing, separate from the original run of the species. Their lore will likely stay the same, and both 1.0 (original run) and 2.0 (new run) vetehi will be considered the same species, but the trait rarities and their value will likely be reworked and re-adjusted. The new vetehi would also all share a visual detail to clearly differentiate them from the original run. 

However, there is no guarantee of revival. The world of closed species has changed dramatically from 2015 when I started, and at least right now I don’t feel confident in being able to run a group and a community. 




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