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Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn

EDIT: :iconfennypenny: guessed the characters correctly!

They are Simon Mooncalf/Pilgrim, Simeon Snowlock, Prince Jiriki and Princess Miriamele from the (long) fantasy series Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn by Tad Williams. Probably my favorite fantasy series - even though it is very long, I reread it every couple of years. :heart::heart::heart:

I've been drawing the main characters from my favorite series of books. (No, not Harry Potter. Nor Twilight, lol.)

I always feel lame saying outright what I was aiming at drawing. Isn't the point of art to be able to communicate without words? If no one can recognize these characters, either no one has read the series they're from or the drawings are unrecognizable. I'm curious to know either way.

So here's the deal -- I will continue to update this with new drawings of characters from this series until someone can guess what series it is. First person to guess correctly (and name all the characters) gets... like a free drawing or something.

a hint: the ginger is the main character :heart: :heart:
another hint: the 2nd is still the ginger, just older. :heart: :heart:

it should be getting easier...

progress gifs = here and here
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Ohhh I love them. Thank you! - from, um, Tad's wife (Deborah Beale)
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I love this fantasy! ^^ 
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This is exactly how I pictured them and it makes me really happy to actually find some good illustrations of this awesome series.
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They look really good :) I'm especially fond of your young Simon and you aged him so well.
They look almost exactly how I imagined them~
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I LOVE this! That's almost exactly how I pictured the characters (though I thought Jiriki had darker hair...?). I especially love younger Simon~
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loving this and the books
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Love this series!! I'm just finishing 'To Green Angel Tower' now :D
Beatifully detailed :clap:
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BTW: especially young Simon looks lovely! ^^
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I like them a lot! And indeed, I also think the Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series are the best fantasy series I've ever read, and believe I've read a lot ^^.
Beautiful :)
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oh, these are cool! :) it's always fun to find fanart from books and series you like :heart:
I remember fighting with my dad over who got to read the last book when it was released. I've never seen much in the way to fanart for this series so I'm so happy I found your work.
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Really, really good drawings.
Even though, I thought of Jiriki's race (I hope the english word is still sithi) being more ice blue-ish.
Still loving it.
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How luscious they look! How pretty they are! :heart:
I'm curious: in the GIF of the lady, it showed purple paint for her hair before you replaced it with yellow. Why did you do that? Is it a special coloring or shading technique? :confused:
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Looking at that .gif, I'm honestly confused why I did it that way. I think it had something to do with complementary colors - I colored her face green too to begin with. It was just to get more color variation, but it was a dumb way to do it.

So yeah, hahaha, just ignore that gif, it's not very helpful.
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ooohh^^ i just LOVE Jiriki^^ i never thought that Simeon has soo much beart...okay, i´m reading the 2nd book now...^^" love it^^!
This is from Tad Williams, Memory Sorrow and Thorn. My FAVORITE fantasy series bar none! Great work!
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Hi! I just recently read the Memory, Sorrow and Thorn and it's absolutely fantastic. I recognized them immediately. Great work! Have you read ASOIAF? A song of Ice and Fire?
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Holy crap, your comment has eerie timing!

I actually just started reading Game of Thrones a few days ago, and I'm almost done with it. It is such a good, suspenseful series that I had to go buy the rest of them immediately. I really wish I had given it a go years ago.
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Ignore the earlier comment. Just, ignore. A mistake. That comment was for smth else. That's what I get when I try multitasking. =)

I actually prefer Game of Thrones to Tad Williams' MST. Characters are much more complex and intriguing and... and layered, if you understand what I'm trying to say.Somehow, just when you think you understand their behaviour, they still surprise you. Tad Williams, well, his characters are much more predictible. Or maybe, it's because I read Game of Thrones before reading Memory, Sorrow and Thorn and now I can read the characters better, get to see their true selves beneath the deceit. Oh, and I must admit, the Sithi, Zida'ya, they are way better than the white walker from Game of Thrones. Hotter. Gods, I'd love to see a good written slash or smut. :D
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Hahaha! Yes, I thought the Sithi bits were the best - a very interesting take on the "elven" race. Like colorful, Japanese elf-cats.

I haven't gotten very far, but ASOIAF is really so exciting. You're introduced to characters that you think oh, now here's a character I can really, honestly hate and then later George RR reveals something else about that character that makes the blind hating thing hard. Even the good guys have flaws that make you want to strangle them. It's strange, I usually only read books for the sake of one or two characters, to see what their fate is, (like with Harry Potter, I read it for Snape) but with these books, I'm honestly interested in everybody.
Suadela1357's avatar
Yes, I think that too about the Sithi. :D

Yes, even Eddard, I wanted to choke him when he was being all noble.. I was screaming 'Stop being so goddamn noble and save your own life instead' at the book. Or, Cersei, I hated her at the beginning but I kinda like her now, as the story progressed. Oh, but the only person I really, really hate is Cately Stark. Gods, I hate her. I'm sorry if she's your favourite, but I had to say it. My own favourites are Tyrion, Petyr Baelish and Sandor Clegane. I'm not quite sure I spelled their names correctly. Well, anyway. Do you know about this - [link] ? :D Have you seen it? Do you read fanfiction? You reminded me of it when you mentioned Snape and HP world.
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Oh, I hate Catelyn Stark too! I can't stand any of her POV chapters, I just want to skip them. Ned Stark almost deserved to die, he was being so ridiculous. It's the children in that family that keep me interested.

I really like Tyrion - he's so funny. I don't really like Littlefingers, but he hasn't really done anything memorable so far? Same thing with Sandor Clegane - everyone I know (and trust their taste) who reads this series loves Clegane for reasons I've yet to understand. I'm in the middle of the second book, so maybe I'm not far enough yet - I already like him and feel a bit sorry for him, but I don't understand his popularity. I'm SO intrigued though, and I won't be surprised at all if he's my top favorite by the end.

I actually really like Dragonwrangler Daenerys and Arya so far. I am not sure if I'll ever not hate the very bones of Cersei Lannister, but I haven't had anything from her point of view yet.

I haven't seen the show yet, but I was going to try it! How do you like it so far?
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Yes, I wanted to skip them too. I mostly skimmed them over, I only read the most important parts. Even the part where she came from the dead. Wtf was that scene? Why God, why, o why, of all the characters that have died, she is revived? Oh, well. I agree that the children are much better, but Jon becomes more and more whiny as the end of the series nears.
Did you get to the part with him and Sansa? Clegane reminds me of Snape from HP and of Cadrach from Tad Williams' books. Don't know why, though... Erm, do you like anime?
Viserys (?), the Dany's - Daenerys' brother, he's kinda cool, although I pity him for he is so full of hate. Oh, yes, I hated Cersei but at the end of series I was amazed by her. It doesn't mean you'll be too, but it's good to be open-minded about all characters.
Btw.Have you seen Thor? The new movie? Including Norse mythology and such.
As for the show, Game of Thrones, I'm a bit disappointed with Sansa and Catelyn's physical appearances. I love the Lannisters, though Joffrey (or however his name is), Cersei's son, he's disgusting and actually reminds me of a guy I know. You can actually see arrogance on his face.
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