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Voldemort makes the best Heathcliff

Yeah, I was listening to Wuthering Heights on tape and this popped out. Regardless of his horrible, awful, unforgivable faults, I admit to liking Heathcliff. He's so dramatic, like a teenage girl... er... a manly teenage girl from t' manly north of England... :P

I came away feeling that Katherine and Heathcliff weren't... good enough to deserve deep, all-encompassing, unforgettable love. It is odd to me that such selfish, vindictive, cruel people are the main couple of one of the best-known romances ever written.
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I just want you to know that this is ABSOLUTELY how i pictured Heathcliff
I finished reading Wuthering Heights for class this week, and even though that book was insane and i found myself disliking almost everyone (which i honestly believe is the point?) i loved the characters so much and the story as well! Wonderful artwork that perfectly matches my imagination!!