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Voldemort makes the best Heathcliff

Yeah, I was listening to Wuthering Heights on tape and this popped out. Regardless of his horrible, awful, unforgivable faults, I admit to liking Heathcliff. He's so dramatic, like a teenage girl... er... a manly teenage girl from t' manly north of England... :P

I came away feeling that Katherine and Heathcliff weren't... good enough to deserve deep, all-encompassing, unforgettable love. It is odd to me that such selfish, vindictive, cruel people are the main couple of one of the best-known romances ever written.
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I just want you to know that this is ABSOLUTELY how i pictured Heathcliff
I finished reading Wuthering Heights for class this week, and even though that book was insane and i found myself disliking almost everyone (which i honestly believe is the point?) i loved the characters so much and the story as well! Wonderful artwork that perfectly matches my imagination!!
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they were selfish,vindictive and cruel because they were treated like crap

and society back then was such had to act in a certain way etc etc and Heathcliff and Katherine were quite the opposite,wild,free spirits.
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awwwwwwwwww looks like Mr/Rochester from Jane EYRE
i'm absessed with him:love:
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I totally thought the same thing; my favourite couple coming out of that book were the rough-turned-refined Earnshaw and Catherine Linton, soo much cuter and sweeter.
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Doooood I love your mind. I want to eats it. I thought the same thing when I read the book. Cathy 1 big fat selfish lame-o. Heath= angsty, violent, really really angry while managing to be oddly appealing with his kool gypsy-ness. I loved ol' Heath. Is twisted mind gave me many laughs lol LOVE. THIS. PICK. OF. HIMMMmmmmmm dies
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But would you want a romance at that cost? Their love ends up killing Catherine and making Heathcliff miserable and bitter for the whole of his's so passionate and so love/hate because of the kind of people they both are. Heathcliff's personality isn't all his fault...maybe if Hindley had been kinder to him he wouldn't have grown up hating the aristocricy. Just my thoughts...

Beautiful picture by the way :)
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Hi! I this picture is wonderful! It looks just like the Heathcliff in my head. Can I use this picture on my blog? I'm reading Wuthering Hights and I'm supposed to write a blog while reading it and also put up suitable pictures, so it would be awesome if I could use your picture.
I'll, of course, link to your gallery :)
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Yeah, sure, that would be perfectly fine with me. Feel free to do whatever. ~~
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You are spot on on that description. They were teenagers themselves. I believe Cathy is only 18 when she dies. You can forgive them a little more for being selfish when you remember they were little more than children and children who had lost their parents (twice in the case of Heathcliff)...
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great realisation!!I think you've captured his sneering smouldering personality very well!:D
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This is just how i saw him in the book. Beautiful.
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He looks just like I pictured him!
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This is lovely lovely lovely! The black and white suits so well, and that melodramatic scowl is so perfect for him, too.
I felt the same way about Kathy and Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights. I loved the drama to a certain extent, but Kathy and Heathcliff just seemed to be two of the neediest, most selfish lovers I'd ever encountered. Charlotte Bronte wrote some considerably more tolerable relationships, I think XD. I wouldn't mind marrying Mr. Rochester, at all haha!
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I'm listening to Jany Eyre right now, actually! You could say I'm having a Bronte week... I haven't met Rochester yet, and I know nothing of this book or how it ends (so don't spoil it, ahha) but I already like Jane a hundred times more than Cathy...

I sort of liked Cathy and Heathcliff's drama and irrationality. It's like watching a train wreck -- they had no idea how to make other people happy or put others first, so they couldn't be happy themselves. I can't forgive them for the horrible way they treated their families and I'm glad that they ended up unhappy ghosts, but there's something about the strength of their feelings that makes you feel for their love when they talk about it...

Thank you very much~
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Ooh, handsome! Even if he's like a manly teenage girl xD Btw, is that a movie?
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It's one of my favorite movies! You can watch it on Youtube here! It has one of my favorite soundtracks.

Thank you v much!
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Great detail on this babe! I love the eyes especially, and the way you do hair is so realistic! I looks touchable, you know?

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Ahahahah, thank you, Cat... hair is hard. <3
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You do a good job with it though! I'm jealous. XD;
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