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:icontoxic-mario: & :iconvest:

Character by *Toxic-Mario

Image by `vest

So after conversing with *Toxic-Mario, he told me about how he was writing a Luna story just like I was. Except he went with the classic monster, using her time on the moon as a trigger to causing a bit more of a...dramatic transformation of sorts to occur.

You know how the fanfic community is innundated with Luna stories of her being sad, and lonely, and missing all her pre-banishment Mary Sue OC friends she apparently had according to countless denizens' head canon? How she seems to spend most of her waking hours lamenting, crying, and pining for sister's love and forgiveness?


How about a ravenous wolf-eared weapon of mass destruction!?

Now we're talking!

Wouldn't you believe, he's gotten his character as far as becoming its own T-Shirt on WeLoveFine? Yeah, where's your character re-imagining available for purchase under Hasbro approval?

In this version I've drawn here, this is where Luna is called by the moon into transformation, breaking of her adornments and shattering her slippers, casting them behind in littered tatters as she ascends to call unto the night skies in a feral roar.
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SparkleForeverHobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice perspective 
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RoseStarDragonMP3Hobbyist Digital Artist
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PomalongHobbyist Digital Artist
Um, hello. Does this person have permission to use your work?…
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PomalongHobbyist Digital Artist
More specifically, do they also have permission to be selling it?
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Love this concept and artwork!!
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LeDaverixHobbyist Digital Artist
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Now I want to see her with Flutterbat.
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ShadySableye77Hobbyist Digital Artist
wolfpony #2Scary4Me
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MLPegasis4898Hobbyist Digital Artist
Woah... this looks reeeaaally awesome!!! :omg: :omg: :omg:
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:iconsonicwerehogplz::iconsays3plz:That´s what I´m talking about!]
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interesting how she has both the weird starry hair and the normal hair...
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lion king... 
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RabidRatsStudent Digital Artist
LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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richfilesHobbyist Artist
Why can we ne'er seem to find wallpapers large enough for our two larger monitors... This only fits our pair of smaller HD monitors...
First world problems!
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vestProfessional Digital Artist
What size do you need?
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richfilesHobbyist Artist
It's OK... Was meant as a joke, but I do run a pair of 2048x1152 displays... and a pair of HD 1080p displays.
The pics do fit the smaller screens without scaling!
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vestProfessional Digital Artist
There we go, got another link up for that resolution for ya. You can grab it here:…

Hope this works better!
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Oh my sweet Celestia. Extreme OMG I just watched the video, great music! The detail you put into this is amazing! I freaking love this!:love: +favlove 
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RoseytheFluffyFoxStudent Writer
holy shizzle! :omg:
this is perfect! :heart:
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VilcronosStudent General Artist
amazing is muy impressive ^^ & so beautiful I like muy goodLa la la la 
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Looks great! Love the detail! :+fav:
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nateman747 General Artist

This is epic. Really like the effect of the moonlight showing through her mane and tail.
Well, that and everything else.
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JwichmanNProfessional General Artist
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DarkHekartStudent General Artist
Woow :D is incredible muy Good I like :icongoodjobsign:
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