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The Edge of Everfree



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Within the gnarled and twisting wilds growing rampant on the outskirts of Equestria, a single caretaker lives her days nurturing after the beast. Others remain fearful of the forest's depths, but she has dedicated her life to learning, understanding, and ultimately trusting it. Her greatest solace and security comes from embracing that which they fear, that they deemed unknown, that which only an outcast could truly bring herself to befriend. Maybe not by choice, for befriending others always came with difficulty. It's possible a piece of the fearful wilderness always followed in her hoofsteps. It's possible the forest was whom she related with best.

Perhaps it's why she doesn't hesitate to mentor those whom she calls friends, as friends come as seldom as a fresh-bloomed Hearts Desire. For in order to even associate with her, you would have to make that quivering first step beyond your comfort zone...

...beyond the Edge of Everfree.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (c) Hasbro and DHX Studios
Character Design (c) Lauren Faust

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Beautiful, nice work! ^^